Frequently Asked Questions:

I get asked these same questions a lot regarding what Merida can and cannot do. So here are all the answers to make it easy for everyone, and so you don't have to wait for a response. Or maybe you would like to hear from her vet, you can read the Q&A I did with her vet to help answer your more in depth questions here.

Can she eat on her own?
Sometimes she can. On a good day, she cat eat all by herself without any assistance. But, on a bad day she is far too wobbly and will fall forward into her food dish, fall to either side while bending to eat, or possibly fall backwards while chewing.

Does she use the litter box?
 Yes she does. She can do it most times on her own, flip flopping or taking a few steps and falling and repeating this to make it TO the litter box. Sometimes, she may meow for you to come and pick her up and take her to the litter box. I usually assist her to walk to the box though.

What food does Merida eat?
Merida usually eats an all raw food diet. This consists of typically raw turkey, vegetables, and vitamin powder supplements and mineral powder. Sometimes she eats home cooked and prepared food. For treat, she prefers apple, carrot, broccoli, cheese, and yogurt.

Is Merida 'slow' or not so bright?
Actually, you would be surprised! Merida is amazingly brilliant. She taught herself how to use the litter box, how to use a scratch post, how to vocalize what she needs or wants, and has created many games adapted around her current disabled state. She surprises me ALL the time! Fact of the matter, she has ME trained.

Why don't you just get pet insurance to cover her costs?
Due to Meridas condition when I found her, she has a label attached to her. This label is 'Pre Existing Condition'. This prevents her from being covered for anything relating to her neurological. This can include falls, bone breaks, vertigo (dizziness), almost everything under the sun. So she has been denied. All they can cover her for are diseases not neurological related. However, your neurological system controls your entire body, so even with diseases coverage could be denied even if I paid for pet insurance for her. You can basically chalk anything up to her neurological condition in the end.