Informative Links:

Is your cat a CH cat?- A wonderful article, as many cats are often misdiagnosed. 

The page for people with CH cats, CHKittyClub - There are some amazing people here. Great group! They are helpful even if you have a cat with light to severe neurological problems that are CH unrelated. 

CH Cat FB Group - If you have cats with CH, this facebook group is so helpful. If you want to adopt a CH kitty, they are the ones to help you find your perfect match! 

LiveLoveMeow Blog Interview - An interview I did for LiveLoveMeow. If you have the time, please check out her other interviews with other owners with pets with disabilities or health problems. (March 15, 2013) 

Interview for Pawsitively Pets blog - I was interviewed by Ann, the owner of Pawsitively Pets. It is a wonderful interview (April 8, 2013)

Cats with paralysis and mobility challenges facebook page - The facebook page for some of the most amazing people for support

AhMewsMe blog about disabled pets - A great read on how disabled cats are euthanized, but why.

AhMewsMe blog interview about living with extra abled pets- There are some great links for owners of pets with disabilities

Wonderful other links:

Gifford Cat Shelter- Located in Brighton, MA they are one of the most incredible cageless & no kill shelters. Being the oldest in US History is a major accomplishment for them. Like LIVE Kitty Cams? They have those too!