Belcarra South Preservation Society

The Future of Belcarra South

With official heritage designation, the Bole House, pending restoration, appears to be secure. The future of the cottages, however, is less certain. Bylaw 2015 No. 3006, passed on April 28, 2015 by the City of Port Moody, gives the cottages heritage designation and prohibits demolition or relocation. Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, however, has had surveyors and house movers on the site to study the feasibility of moving the cottages.

The situation, therefore, as of October 2015 has reached an impasse. Should Metro Vancouver persevere with their plans to move the cottages, an opportunity to save a meaningful piece of history will have been squandered. The cottages have significant historical and cultural value representing, as they do, summer as it was experienced by thousands of Lower Mainland families who fled the city and 'went to the cottage'.

The cottages are part of the continuum of settlement on Indian Arm; not only should the natural history of the area be preserved but the human history should be celebrated as well. The cottages should be preserved and should remain in situ.

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2015 Oct