Andrew Chiarella (Photo)

Andrew Chiarella

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Athabasca University

Research Incentive Grant

The following research is supported by a Research Incentive Grant provided by Athabasca University.


The purpose of the planned research is to investigate the effect collaborative text signals have on readers. This research will extend previous work where it was shown that a group of readers collaborating indirectly can generate stable text signals that seem to be valid in relation to the text’s main ideas.   


The proposed research is significant because it will show whether key concepts from complex systems theory, such as positive feedback, occur when readers collaborate indirectly (specifically while using CoREAD, a social software application designed by the author). Also, the research will determine whether collaborative text signals, like authored text signals, benefit readers. The work, therefore, could contribute to our understanding of how human-computer interaction can be modelled and engineered using complex systems theory and provide a practical means of augmenting texts with signals for the benefit of readers and learners.