Andrew Chiarella (Photo)

Andrew Chiarella

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
Athabasca University

Courses in development

I am currently developing an undergraduate course with Stephen Addision called Learning with Technology (EDPY480).

EDPY480: Learning with Technology

Status: phase 3 completed


(in development, subject to change)

The first unit of the course will provide students with a background in the concepts of meaningful learning, authentic activity, and transfer. In the next two units students will select appropriate resources from those provided in the course materials to 1) define a learning problem they wish to address in the project and 2) select technologies their students can use to achieve the learning objectives selected. The resources provided will include summary and review aricles for different K-12 subject  areas and various educational technologies as well as audio and video recordings of presentations about those topics. These resources should provide students with an overall introduction to the subject matter area and techologies of interest, respectively. Students may wish to locate one or two other credible resources as needed.

Six assignments - two minor and four major ones - will form a single overall course project. Students will complete a project consisting of three lesson designs and a report to their colleagues about one of the lessons. Each lesson they develop will include a rationale based, in part, on the literature. Clear marking rubrics will be provided that indicate the required elements and expectations for the lessons and the final report.

It is our hope that through the above process that students will learn how to employ educational technologies in their instruction in a manner that allows their students to achieve meaningful learning with the technology chosen. Also, our students should complete the course with a set of usable lessons that they can employ in their own classrooms.