This page offers links to computer and video game reviews, previews and articles that Ive written for online publications such as GameSpy, CNET Gamecenter, Gamesmania, Gamepower, GameProWorld (formerly PC Games magazine) as well as print magazines NVISION, Wired, PC Accelerator, Maximum PC, Official Xbox Magazine and PC Gamer. Youll note that many of these reviews relate to racing simulations and racing arcade games. This is a genre I know intimately (both in real life and digitally) and can write about with confidence and flair. (Stand back! His helmet is starting to swell!).


I also pen the “Sim Column” for PC Gamer magazine (the world’s best-selling PC gaming consumer glossy). This monthly column deals primarily with news and developments in the racing and flight sim genres (my other passion). As well, I co-wrote Sybex’s Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight—Strategies & Secrets with Doug Radcliffe in 2003 (my first published book credit).


As a well-established freelance writer I can offer prospective editors fast and efficient turnaround on assignments with style and substance (that helmet's never gonna come off now).

Bio time. My name is Andy Mahood and Im a former semi-professional race car driver (I say “semi-pro” because, even though I competed in a number of professional racing series, I still needed to hold down a regular job in order to subsidize whatever the sponsorship and prize money didn’t cover). I raced in Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic and Player's/GM Motorsport Series events throughout the late 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s before ultimately retiring from the sport in 1993. I won three Formula Ford Championships (in 1980, 1981 & 1984) and was twice nominated by Autosport Canada (the country’s leading motorsports periodical of the time ) as one of Canada’s top ten F1/IndyCar prospects.


I’m now an on-again off-again full-time writer and I’ve been contributing reviews, previews, articles and columns to the publications listed above since 1996. I live in White Rock British Columbia (just outside of Vancouver) with my lovely wife Debbie, our (female) Keeshond Jack, and evil demented cat Lola.


I also completed my first novel a few years ago. Entitled The Uno Affair, its an espionage thriller set in Paris, San Francisco, and Vancouver. My former literary agent wasn’t able to find a home for the manuscript with North American publishers (although we did come close) but I’ve just published it on Amazon’s Kindle Store (For a synopsis click here and for a sample passage click here).


Here’s a link to the book’s Amazon Kindle page (U.S. page… others can search novel name or my name to get localized version). It’s priced to sell and it’s available now.


Van Diemen RF93 Formula Ford

Reynard 90H Formula Atlantic

Player’s/GM Motorsport Series


Below are a few of the cars I’ve driven over the past couple of decades.

(Last updated February, 2016)

Consulting with my Pit Crew at the 1990 Vancouver Molson Indy

Lola T-440 Formula Ford

Ralt RT-1 Formula Atlantic from a couple of angles

1996-Present - Writer

1976-1993 - Racer


Update—March 2010

It's back… after a year's hiatus--and some significant reader feedback--PC Gamer finally re-launched my monthly Sim Column (beginning with the May 2010 issue). Grab a copy at a newsstand near you and jump aboard for the all-new ride.

Update—April 2012

If you haven’t heard the news yet, my monthly PCG column is no more (and, sadly, mine wasn’t the only one axed).  The June 2012 issue marks my last submission (over a period spanning 13 years) but I will continue to submit reviews and other articles to the magazine.

That’s the quasi-bad news. The good news is that I have signed up with to write a new simulation column every month entitled Sim Speak. You can read the first one here but be sure to check back every month for news, opinion, and discussion on everything simulated in the PC world.

Update—June 2013

The mercurial world of print and online publishing took another sad turn recently with the official axxing of GameSpy by parent company earlier this year. I’ve since submitted my first review for IGN—Motocross Madness—and hope to continue writing for the site in the months and years ahead. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hot off the press….

I just released Six Years at Speed on all the major ebook sites. Book will be available on February 7th and pre-orders are accepted. Simply search for my name or the book title at your favourite ebook retailer (Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, etc.). Here’s the short blurb.

Former Formula Ford champion and Formula Atlantic driver Andy Mahood describes his early racing career in vivid detail. From Westwood and the Pacific Northwest Championship to the Canadian Grand Prix circuit in Montreal, the on-track action and behind-the-scenes struggles of one of Canada's most promising racers comes to life in this compelling and often humorous personal memoir.