The Uno Affair
Book Synopsis

Paris, 1997

A horrific high-speed car crash extinguishes the life of three people and critically injures a fourth when their speeding Mercedes collides with an inattentively driven Fiat Uno. The driver of the white Uno races away from the accident scene in a panic, oblivious to the identity of the people who had occupied the destroyed luxury car. The doomed Fiat driver - unaware that he now has less than a week to live - becomes the focus of an intense international manhunt.

This man, André Dominelli, is a former computer technician with the French Ministry of Defence who was on his way that fateful night to sell top-secret ballistic missile technology to a secretive German arms dealer. Dominelli's paymaster has already lined up a customer in a deal that will forever alter the geopolitical structure of the Middle East.

On the run from both the French authorities and the arms merchant's ruthless chief operative - an emotionless Scandinavian killing machine named Peterson - Dominelli resorts to the measures of a desperate, cornered animal in order to remain alive and escape the clutches of his pursuers.

A continent away, a professional Canadian race car driver struggles to keep both his high-powered Formula Atlantic car and his fledgling career together as he competes on the streets of Vancouver in a prestigious development series for the CART/IndyCar Championship. A former career soldier, Jack Wright's late start in the world of professional racing has put him at a severe disadvantage to the other young lions competing in the Toyota Atlantic series. At thirty-two years of age, he is acutely aware that he must win now and win often, or forever abandon his aspiration of racing on the world stage.

A series of seemingly unrelated events find the Canadian race car driver and the French software technician - with the relentless Peterson in tow - converging on a collision course in San Francisco. For Jack Wright's part, it is a final opportunity to salvage his flagging career on the storied bends of Monterey's Laguna Seca race track, while André Dominelli struggles to begin a new life away from the treacherous forces in Europe that threaten to end it.

The turbulence and bedlam that Dominelli believed he had left a continent and an ocean behind comes roaring back with brutal force however and the reluctant French spy is forced to confront his own mortality as the once cold trail heats up. Before long, Jack Wright and the woman that he finds himself falling in love with are pulled into this same vortex of espionage, violence and sudden death. The danger that confronts Wright is greater than any he has faced before - on the battlefield
or the race track - and his only chance for survival is to beat these professional killers at their own vicious game.

A high-speed roller coaster ride that navigates its way from the streets of Paris to the race tracks of North America,
The Uno Affair slams you into your seat in the opening page and doesn't let up on the accelerator until the last page has been turned.