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Computer Stores Around Vancouver


This list is provided for my convenience only, so that I may look up parts and prices quick and easy. While I think it to be complete and correct, it may not be. Feel free to use it yourself, but don't get all bent out of shape if some links are bad, or your favourite shop isn't in the list. Yes, I will add links if they are legit and sent to me.

Computer Swap Meets $3 admission - door prize - good source for used stuff
Free Geek Computer recycling Vancouver

Mac - new and/or used

Greater Vancouver

PC - new and/or used




Other areas


PC - superstores & chains

  • Best Buy 5 locations in Greater Vancouver - lots of non-commision sales staff and slowwww checkouts.
  • Compusmart Downtown Vancouver
  • Futureshop many, many locations - lots of commission sales staff with slightly faster checkouts.
  • London Drugs many locations - lots of parts and accessories online. Great for cheap cables of all sorts.

PC - used and consignment

Mail Order / Online Stores


Most of these links come from the advertisers (past and present) in the Hub Digital Living magazine, distributed free around the Vancouver area.



last update and links checked - October 2008