"Reality is based on our perception, and how I comprehend the world is where my art process begins.

"My goal as an artist is to unite subject and object. I am disturbed by the speed at which information travels today. I believe it is important to slow down and try to understand where we're from, and how things are connected together."

Brian McLachlan's past is as eclectic as his art. His career descriptions have included athlete, artisan, bellhop, tree-planter, nurse, and carpenter. He has drawn and painted ever since he was a boy, his mother being an avid watercolour artist and his father an excellent woodcarver. His first of many careers was as a lineman for the CN Railway in northern Ontario, which funded his main interests, downhill ski racing and bicycle racing.

A work tour took him to New Zealand, Australia, and through eight Asian countries. McLachlan returned to Canada to study nursing at Selkirk College. He worked as a nurse for eight years in Nelson, BC, before finally developing a successful business as a sign carver and mural artist.
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