Providing doula support during pregnancy and birth to women in New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver and other areas of the Lower Mainland of BC

For centuries, women have laboured in the presence of female companions. Providing for their emotional and physical needs, these partners in birth brought comfort and reassurance to their daughters, sisters, neighbours and friends by attending the mother continuously in a caring and supportive way.

The recent past has seen the return of this female support and it comes in the form of a doula.

A doula supports women and their families and gives them the tools to empower themselves in defining and achieving their perfect birth. Doulas work in hospitals and at home with the patients of midwives, family practitioners and obstetricians. While your care provider will take care of your medical needs, your doula will be available to look after you emotionally and help you experience the wonderful birth you desire.

My name is Carly Rigby and I have been working with birthing families since 1997.  

As a teenager, I developed a passionate interest in pregnancy and birth and quickly devoured any piece of information I could get my hands on. Acknowledging that I had no interest in the medical care of birthing women, I chose not to pursue a career as a midwife, doctor or nurse and resigned myself to indulge in birth reading and research merely as a hobby.

When I was twenty two, I had the honour of being asked to "coach" a single girlfriend through the labour and birth of her first child. It was through our prenatal classes that I was introduced to the work of doulas. There, I had the pleasure of meeting two doulas who were a part of the creation of BC's Doula Services Association (DSA).   They encouraged me to join the group and to get to know more about local doulas and explore the possibility of becoming one.

After attending my girlfriend's very happy and beautiful birth on June 25, 1997, I was convinced that professional labour support was a role that I definitely wanted to fill.  

A few months later, I took the doula training course offered at Douglas College in New Westminster and have been attending births ever since then. I have worked with a wide range of women and families in most hospitals around the Lower Mainland. I like to focus most of my attention on enabling a couple to define the best birth experience on their own terms and giving them the support they need to make those wishes a reality.

In all my years as a doula, I have considered continuing education a high priority and frequently attend workshops, seminars and lectures on various relevant topics. I am a member of the association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE), the DSA, and the Doulas of North America (DONA).

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