Carly (left) and the Tri-City Doula Group

I encourage every woman who approaches me to spend some time talking or meeting with a few doulas to find the one most suited to their needs and personality.  It is important to find the right 'fit' for a doula/client relationship.  You will be spending some very special moments of your life with this person so it is important for you to be as comfortable as possible.

I like to use an initial meeting to spend some time talking about what I do, the services I offer, and how they compare to the expectant family's goals and desires.

Scheduling a meeting with me will give you the chance to meet me and ask questions about my work without any further obligation.  Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to find out more about doulas in person.   

I prefer to meet with my clients for at least two prenatal visits to become acquainted and to formulate a realistic birth plan to accommodate the couple's wishes.  I am available for phone or e-mail contact at any time to answer questions or to provide information to my clients.

I maintain a 24 hour on call status beginning two weeks prior to my client's estimated due date and continuing until the onset of labour.  I commit to arranging reliable back-up for any time during that period when I am unavailable.

Once a woman is in established labour, I will meet with her at a prearranged location (usually at home or at the hospital) and I will remain with the couple continuously providing support and assistance with physical comfort until at least one hour after the birth of their baby.

Within a few weeks after the baby is born, I will meet with the new family to review the birth, share photos and to admire the baby.

While most of the work I do with my clients happens in the third trimester, my services are often secured months in advance.  

Discussion of fees will be conducted in person.  Payment plans and bartering will be taken into consideration.  

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