Instructors Past and Present

With more than 50 years of club history, the VJC has lots to be proud of! Hereís the first installment in a listing thatís bound to grow!


Yoshitaka Mori

7th Dan

Club Founder

Member 1944 to Present

Tosh Yakura

4th Dan

Member 1945 to Present

George Okazaki

3th Dan

Head instructor

Gary Smith

2nd Dan - since 1995 promoted at Lake Country Judo Club. Grading at Steveston.

Member 1998 to Present

NCCP Level 2

National "C" referee.

Jeff DiMarco

Member from 96 to 99

2nd Dan -- since 1996 recommended in Burnaby, promoted while in Vernon

NCCP Level 1, working on level 2.

BC team member and nationals competitor since 1995.



Tim Udel

Member from 94 to Present

1st Dan since 1986. Promoted at Vancouver

NCCP Level 1

Dean Yakura

1st Dan

Provincial "A" referee

NCCP Level 1

1st Dan since 1993

Promoted at the Kawasaki Budokan

Aubrey Comley

NCCP Level 1