The Aurora Celebration Choir celebrates diversity through its repertoire, which includes music from around the world including Russia, Quebec, British Isles, Kenya, Israel, First Nations and the Caribbean. And we're always changing to include new and various traditions.  Songs of spiritual content from various faith traditions are also included, and songs are sung in their original language (a challenge which the choir takes on with lots of spirit!). 


A sample program might include:
Nkosisi Kelelee Africa (African anthem)
Wandering Angus (adapted fm Yeats)
Take me to the Water (southern spiritual)
Bahroon Bahrooneh (Farsi love song)
Dulce Embeleso (Cuban love song)
Alphabet (Mozart, age 8 :-)
Joyful Joyful (a spiritual rendition)

The choir is happy to consider performing original compositions - if you have any suggestions for repertoire, please contact Elsie, our choir director.