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I am a retired telephone worker who loves skiing , good food, women and working on my computer.(But not necessarily in that order)

My home is in Kamloops, and I live here because it is the best place in the whole world.
We have everything; from the great outdoors with skiing, hiking,skating, fishing,golfing, and swimming within minutes of the city, to the fine arts with a good Symphony and a very good professional Theatre. We are also known as The Tournament Capital of BC.
It is reasonable cold in the wintertime, but hot and dry in the summer, so we have the best of both worlds.
I came to Canada from Denmark in 1951 so you could say that I am a great dane (a real dog).
My family history is not pretty but if you are interested in genealogy you just might find it entertaining.

One of the things that attracted me here was the close proximity to some great ski areas, both alpine and cross-country.A few of my favourites are:

SunPeaks my 'home' mountain - great skiing and long steep runs.

  • Silver Star is a very nice family mountain located at Vernon B.C.

    Whistler / Blackcomb does not require any introduction as it is generally rated as one of the best ski areas in North America. - And they have a great webnet too.

    Seniors LogoSeniors Net is a great place to browse for all sort of interesting information

  • Del'Mar Kennels breeds and trains Border Collies right here in Kamloops.
  • Elderhostels are a great idea for getting away on a holiday , meeting real interesting people, and learning all at the same time.
  • Canada 411 is a Telephone Directory for Canada
  • Switchbord is the USA Telephone Directory
  • Who Where ? is an e-mail directory. List yourself and look for lost friends or family members.
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