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1968 BMW R60/2 with S500 Steib sidecar

After many years of enjoyment, and much loving work, I am considering selling this unique beauty.

Check out the restoration, some pictures, or my links page for more information about BMW motorcyles.

Model: BMW R60/2
Engine: Horizontally opposed 2 cylinder 4 stroke
Displacement: 600cc
Transmission: 4 speed
Suspension: Earles forks with front & rear swing arms
Year: 1968
Colour: Black/Silver
Weight: 705 lbs.
Sidecar: S500 Steib
Mileage (approx.): 66000 km (41000 mi)

The R60 and R60/2 are 600cc boxer twin BMW motorcycles that were manufactured from 1956 to 1968 in Munich, Germany and were originally designed for sidecar use.

Though BMW invented and first used oil dampened telescopic front forks in the 1930's, they chose to use Earles forks on these models. The triangular or "swing arm" front (and rear) Earles forks were named for their designer, the Englishman Ernest Earles. This system precluded any front-end dive during heavy front braking, which is common with telescopic front forks, and it also worked well in sidecar duty. Though heavy and ponderous in turning, the Earles forks gave the old Beemer a steady and reassuring ride.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or expressions of interest.

email: info@blackorchidbmw.com

Madde, frequent passenger
July 7, 1999 – Aug 26, 2008

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