The 2008/09 IAGSDC® Board

Chairperson - John McKinstry
Vice-Chairperson - Keith Gehrig
Secretary - Scott Philips
Treasurer - Brian Smith
Club Liason Officer - Phil Davis

For information on the IAGSDC®, please go to the interactive web site at:

Contact Information

International Association of Gay
Square Dance Clubs
P.O. Box 9176
Denver, CO 80209-0176
(303) 722-5276

Memorial Panels

In 2001 Freeman Stamper asked me if I would take on the memorial Panels as a project. I of course agreed. Since then with the help of my talented friend Brian Smith we have created a database of every badge on the panels. Originally, the panels hung on PVC pipe. I believe that it was in Santa Clara that the then Convention committee decided to replace the pipe with trellis. I am very grateful to them and to all the conventions since that have created their own way to display this very precious part of each Convention.

As we move forward with our "10/25 Project", it is important to remember that although these people are no longer with us in body, their names and histories will always be around us. With that in mind, Brian and I would like to take this Memorial Panel project a step further.

What we are proposing is that we photograph each badge (yes individually) and create a special place at www.IAGSDC®.org to place them. As well as that, we would then like to have a photo of each person to put with it on the web site.

If you have comments please go to the IAGSDC® web site and email me (the Chair) directly from there. We plan to start this project in Washington,DC next year.

John McKinstry


First off, wow! Others have said thank you far better than I, so I choose to share something else.

With TAQC being mine and Chip's tenth convention, I found myself quite sentimental - more than usual/typical. I stepped into the memorial room and, for the first time, found badges of people I knew first-hand. I was not prepared. Upon leaving the memorial room I found my way to one of the halls. People were dancing, having fun - it was great to just watch. Then I spotted people I've just met and others I've known since Day One (Desert Valley Squares, Phoenix, 1994) on the dance floor; a feeling of gratitude came over me. Seeing dancers and callers from my very first fly-ins 14 years ago gave a great sense of continuity that I think most of us seek to some degree, whether consciously or not.

I feel so grateful to be a part of such a community (or as Mz. YVR says, "family") for such a long time. For people new to the family I say this: stick with it; the long-time benefits are worth the short-term struggles that inevitably ensue. For others that have been part as long or longer - please continue to be there.

TAQC, in many respects, was precisely what the doctor ordered and I cannot say thank you properly nor enough to all involved. I greatly look forward to the next ten years and more with y'all.

BTW... the best personally-heard quote from TAQC: "I like the short ones: I can get my hands all the way around 'em." (Bob Young to Karl Jaeckel - while snapping the medalion band behind me.) Yeah... and on that note, thank you Bob (and everyone else!) for making my (and our) tenth convention the best ever!

John Bauder
Times Squares, New York, New York

I had a wonderful time in Cleveland! Meeting old friends and making new ones! It was my fourth convention. I was feeling very emotional during the convention!! It is such a feeling of family (a really large one). It is great to be at a place where you fit in and are accepted for who you are. I can hardly wait for next year in DC. See you then I hope!

Pamela Ann Reed

Celebrating 25 years

In Cleveland in July 2008, 10 people received a very unique reward. These 10 people, and only these 10, have been to all 25 Conventions of the IAGSDC®

The 10 & 20 year medalion projects are funded by the IAGSDC®

A Corn You Cope EAh of Thoughts

by Lois Carmen D'Nominator

Well, another Convention has come and gone. I know in my last epistle (look it up, I had to) I thought I might be back to dancing again for this Convention. Alas, not only was I not dancing, but I was doing my very best impersonation of a walking science experiment gone horribly awry. Almost lost my little toe on the right foot. And yes, it was another drag injury. Damned strappy sandals, anyway. I got to spend a great deal of time at the Chi-Town Convention table. I was very impressed with the work put into this table. All I had to do was sit there and be pretty. Quite an act, but I'm very clever that way. (Okay, you can all be mean right here. And then can it, Mummah is NOT amused.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the Convention, and the Cleveland folks deserve many huzzahs and kudos for a job very well done. Lovely hotel, great central bar, and nice to be able to get out and shop and eat without going outside. How clever for there to be a Lane Bryant's within the mall. Happy happy joy joy.

Now, hold on to your pacemakers, I'm gonna say something I never thought in a million years I'd say: Tami did a GREAT job with the video. And it did my heart good to know that the audience applauded louder for me than for her. Just remember: I'm the nice one.

Congratulations to our new Honky Tonk Queen, Iona Doublewide. Let me tell you, this girl has boundless energy. Hold on to your crinolines, I think we're all in for a wild ride next Convention. Special thanks go out to my personal physician of the convention, Dr. Matt. Thanks for patching up my stupidity with the pickline. My home health care nurse said she knew I'd screw it up somehow, but that you did a nice job putting me back together. Thanks Hot stuff. I shall now rename you Dr. Feelgood. Your bedside manner is impeccable.

Seems that we can't send those things across the border. So - I had to quickly rethink.

What two things are John? First, you may think of him as Canadian, but he actually grew up in Barbados. I found this tray with a map of his boyhood home. The other thing is his love of fine Scotch -- so enjoy celebrating the Boot John !

Scott Philips
2007 Golden Boot Recipient


US Customs Officer:
How do you two men know each other?
Canadian Square Dance Couple:
We're married.

The 26th Annual Convention

DC Diamond Circulate
April 2009
Washington, DC

What the Future Holds


The 27th Annual IAGSDC® Convention.
July 1 - 4, 2010


The 28th Annual IAGSDC® Convention Gone with the Windmill
July 1 - 4, 2011
Atlanta, Georgia


The 29th Annual IAGSDC® Convention
June 30 - July 02, 2012
Vancouver, Canada


Bids closed in Cleveland. Bids will be presented from Phoenix/Tucson, AZ & San Francisco Area Clubs

Delegates Info

At the delegates meeting in Cleveland, there was a discussion about the best way to reduce the amount of paper that we use every year and also the cost of the delegate's mail out information. There seemed to be a consensus of sorts that for the Agenda and Convention bid packages, it might be better to email them to each club and have them disseminate this information to their membership AND their delegates. At the same time, we would post the agenda and bids (sans budget information) on the IAGSDC® web site for all of you to see. As such the IAGSDC® officers feel that this would be the best way to go. In January the first email notice asking for submissions to the agenda for the delegates meeting in Washington DC will go to all Clubs, Associate Member and Affiliate organizations. Then thirty (30) days before convention the final notice will go out containing the agenda for the meeting and the convention bids that will be voted upon in on in Washington DC.

At the delegates meeting in Washington DC in April 2009 all the pertinent documents would still show up on the tables as usual. If you have any serious concerns about this please got to www.IAGSDC®.org. and email John Mckinstry , association chair.

From the Chair

Well another convention has come and one. It always amazes me how quickly the weekend goes. This one was no exception. Thanks to TACQ and The Cleveland City Country Dancers and all the clubs that banded together to put on our Annual Family Reunion.

There were as always very memorable moments. The best HTQ show I have seen in years. Actual TALENT, who knew? It was great to see old friends who I have not seen at Convention for several years. I hope that they have returned to dance with us for a while. My thanks to all those who work so hard behind (and in front) of the scenes to make this organization what it is. Without volunteers and all of you who attend every year, none of this would happen.

My special congratulations to the dancers for whom this was their 25th convention. It is truly an amazing record. We are proud of you all.

John McKinstry

From Conventions Past

The Definitive Hunky Trunks History

The first Hunky Trunks King Contest was at the Baltimore convention. It was held in the afternoon by the pool. The winner was John Pope's boyfriend Wayne.

The second was held at Vancouver 2001 and the winner was Michael from Vancouver. This one was held in the evening at the indoor pool. Both were hosted by the Belles and there have been none that I know of since. Also, both had pool tips called by yours truly so everyone could participate in one way or another. There was even a hunky trunks sash designed and executed by Belle Poitrine, that must be long gone by now.

The idea grew out of the Belles' Halloween costumes from the year before when we went as 50's swim wear clad Palm Springs women. In planning for Baltimore, we decided we would wear them as a unit along with the beauties. Poitrine suggested that we have a hunky trunks, since so many used to hang out by the pool and eye the passing attire. In Vancouver we continued wearing matching flowered suits and flowered bathing caps. (We also appeared at the brunch as the Easter Baskets and moderated the Easter bonnet contest. (Ah,our hearts were young and gay.)

Belle Whatling


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As it is my first attempt, I'm sure it will improve with time and further experience, so please forgive any formatting errors.
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Brian Smith
IAGSDC® Newsletter Editor

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Let me say one thing about scheduling. Future Conventions take note. If you want former Queens (okay, Old Queens, there, I said it) to help out with the Fun Badge Tour, do NOT schedule it at the crack of screech after the Honky Tonk Queen Contest. I'd barely gotten the night's makeup off when I had to put more on. And no, Virginia, it doesn't last overnight.

All in all, I had a terrific time. I hope everyone else did, too. Can't wait for the next one. Where is it? Oh yeah. Washington, DC. I just bought new Sarah Palin hair. Woohoo!

25 Years of IAGSDC® History

At the 2008 IAGSDC® Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Allan Hurst unveiled the following IAGSDC® history projects:

"Ten Years Goes Digital Project"
Luis Torres' book recording the first ten years of the history of the IAGSDC®, "Ten Years IAGSDC®: A Collection of Pages From Our Memory Book" has been scanned into a computer, and the text is being digitized in searchable format. Upon completion, the restored book will be republished as an electronic (PDF) file, and made available at no charge on the IAGSDC® web site. This project is scheduled for completion in 2009.

"10/25 Project"
Originally a private project, this has become an officially sanctioned IAGSDC® project. Allan Hurst will coordinate a team of volunteers to gather and publish an electronic book documenting the history of the first 25 years of the IAGSDC®. The end result, intended as a companion volume to "Ten Years IAGSDC® ", will contain a collection of articles and interviews documenting a wide range of topics regarding the IAGSDC®. (See next article for volunteer requests.) This project is scheduled for completion in 2010.

In addition to these projects, the IAGSDC® is announcing:

"IAGSDC® Archival Project"
Karl Jaekel has graciously housed a huge collection of IAGSDC® memorabilia in his basement for many years. It's time to document, catalog, index, and digitize the original materials. The digital archives will be made available free of charge on the IAGSDC® website, and the original materials (including memorabilia such as mugs, pins, banners, etcetera) will be placed with a suitable library or museum for publicly accessible permanent storage. This project is scheduled to begin in late 2008, and continue through approximately 2013.

The coordinator for all three history projects is Allan Hurst. He can be reached via email at

10/25 Project

The 10/25 Project's mission is to document the history of the IAGSDC® (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs) for electronic publication.

The name "10/25" reflects the fact that while a book ("Ten Years IAGSDC®: A Collection of Pages From Our Memory Book") was written about the first ten years, there's little or no material covering the period between IAGSDC®'s 10th to 25th years.

We're looking for any of the following:

The 10/25 Project is an official IAGSDC® project.
Questions? Articles? Photographs? Offers of assistance? Contact me!
Allan Hurst / Sunnyvale, California

Golden Boot Award 2008

The Golden Boot Award is our way of recognizing special, lasting and/or significant contributions to the gay and lesbian square dance community. There is no formal selection process or criteria for choosing the recipient. The Boot is passed on each year from one recipient to the next. Last year in Denver I was shocked when All Join Hands passed the Boot on to me. It was, and still is, quite humbling to join the ranks of past recipients. I hope many of you have had an opportunity to look at the plaque at our IAGSDC® display to see the past recipients. And now it's time to add a new name on this plaque.

As we celebrate our 25th convention along with the 25th presentation of the Golden Boot, I'd like to recognize the past recipients - including 19 individuals, 3 groups of 2 or 3 people, 1 club and 1 organization. Would all the past Golden Boot recipients who are with us this evening please stand and be recognized. These people and their stories tell our history!

After searching the wealth of talent, dedication and service in our dance community, I finally came up with a very deserving person to pass the Boot on to - a most difficult task. This is a person who is well known to all of us.

This person:

It's a real honor for me to present the 2008 Golden Boot Award to someone I have admired for years and add his name to the plaque.

The Boot goes to our Madame Chair


It is the custom of the outgoing Boot recipient to give a token of appreciation to the new winner. I have chosen two things:

I was so impressed with the crystal desk plaque I was given last year that I decided to do the same. The inscription reads:

2008 Golden Boot Award
John McKinstry
For Your Extraordinary Dedication and Support of GLBT Square Dancing
July 5, 2008

My first choice for a more personal gift was shot down. It was from the place I grew up in southern Oregon in the form of a monthly Fruit of the Month Club selection.