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*  If I did (poem) (2013)


*  Transport (poem) (2012)


*  Status Report (poem) (2012)


*  My Valentine - Valentine poem (2011)


*  Birdz - blog about birds and humans (2009)


*  Spanish Moss - photoblog (2009)


*  Danny & Kiku – photoblog about our birds (2008)


*  Wellington Apartment renovations (2008)


*  Twigg Island of the 1950s - photoblog memoir (2008)


*  Wisdom In Common (prayers from various faiths) blog (2007)


*  Our Zingiber - poem (2007)


*  The Inconstant [Vegetarian] Lover - poem (2007)


*  Gord's Victoria photos - photoblog (2007)


*  Poetry and Possibilities – blog with haiku (2007)


*  Something about you - poem for my mother, Isabelle (2007)


*  Reasons to be happy - blog (2007)


*  Commonplace Myth - blog (2007)


*  Poetry  - poetry (2007)


*  Without Looking Back  - blog (2007)


*  If Darth Vader was a Car - blog 2007 Concours d’Elegance (2007)


*  Concours d'Elegance - blog 2004 Concours d’Elegance (2007)


*  The trees have bedrooms (2007, update 2009)


*  Nature and artifice - blog (2007)


*  Vaisakhi – photoblog 2004 Vancouver Vaisakhi parade (2007)



Other postings


*  "The World Is Old" - Bob Dylan (2011)


Remarks and song player marking Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. To hear the song, scroll to the flash player and hit the > play button.


*  Walking on Water (poem) (2010)


Poem, with music by Empty Boat, a music collaboration benefitting Pump Aid's African sanitation projects,
from the album


*   Psychic Chocolate (2009)


Remarks and song players. To hear the songs in context, scroll to the flash players and hit the > play button.


*  A walk in the neighbourhood: Kitsilano (2009)


Photos and text about Kitsilano, Vancouver


*  Penguin Cafe Orchestra Song Samples player (2007)


Above link: as covered in “Reasons to Be Happy.pdf”, I have posted three half-length songs for PCO as the orchestra’s online samples are only 30 seconds long. There are rudimentary controls for volume, moving between songs, etc. in the player, and please bear in mind this is compressed sound quality. Link to PCO’s web site is:


My YouTube postings


          Animated stills and videos



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Films, general: If you are fond of film and don’t already use the Internet Movie Database, it’s a treasure trove of easy-to-use information. Check the user ratings before you rent or go to the cinema. Follow the trail of your interest in a director, writer, or actor. Never strain to see closing credits again…it’s all there:



*  My user comments at the IMDB (as “E Canuck”):


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E-mail - sorry, no link provided because of spammers/ automated address collectors;
The address is: E.Bougie.Gilligan (the usual punctuation mark)

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I am an office worker in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, with training and interest in writing, desktop publishing and graphics. I’m concerned with natural, social and urban phenomena, literature, music and film.


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