Aleijadinho's  Masterpieces


Aleijadinho's Two Churches
of Saint Francis



The church of São Francisco de Assis, in the historic town of São João del Rei.  Finished in 1774, this jewel of a church, with its carvings and graceful curves, is one of the finest examples of  "Barroco Mineiro,"  an art form characterized by the fusion of the European baroque and rococo styles, without the excesses of either.  Its practioners used local materials -- wood and soapstone. The "Barroco Mineiro" reached its apex in the 18th century, Aleijadinho being its greatest  artist.


   The Church of Saint Francis seen from the back.



The gracefully elegant Church of São Francisco de Assis (1766), in Ouro Preto, is one of Aleijadinho's masterpieces.  With  its remarkably elegant and graceful  façade, this church is another fine example of Brazilian baroque architecture.

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