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                    The Brazilian Flag
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Official Name:

    República Federativa do Brasil
    Federative Republic of Brazil
Capital: Brasilia  [a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987]
Language: Portuguese
Population:  175 million
  Roman Catholic (80%), 
    Protestant, Afro-Brazilian
National Holidays: 
    Tiradentes Day (April 21)
    Independence Day (September 7)
    Republic Day (November 15)
Monetary Unit: Real

 Brasilia's Futuristic Architecture





UNESCO World Heritage Sites
in Brazil 

Brazil boasts 17 World Heritage Sites. They are listed below in chronological order:
  • 1980   Historic Town of Ouro Preto 
  • 1982   Historic Center of the Town of Olinda
  • 1984   The Ruins of São Miguel das Missões [Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis]
  • 1985   Historic Center of Salvador de Bahia
  • 1985   Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas 
  • 1986   Iguaçu National Park
  • 1987   Brasilia
  • 1991   Serra da Capivara National Park 
  • 1997   Historic Center of São Luís
  • 1999   Historic Center of the Town of Diamantina
  • 1999   Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves
  • 1999   Atlantic Forest Southeast Reserves
  • 2000  Pantanal Conservation Area
  • 2000   Jaú National Park
  • 2001   Chapada dos Veadeiros and Emas National Park
  • 2001   Brazilian Atlantic Islands: Fernando de Noronha and   Atoll das Rocas Reserves
  • 2001   Historic Center of the Town of Goiás



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Sites to visit


Official Sites


The websites of the Brazilian embassies in countries like England, the USA, Canada and Australia are useful and reliable sources of information about visa requirements,  consular services offered, and other basic facts .

But these official sites offer much more than just basic information.

Some of them are quite encyclopedic in their scope and cover a wide range of topics, such as Brazilian culture, music, literature, arts, sports, cuisine, travel & tourism  - with links to many other relevant sites.

The official sites also offer a wealth of information on such topics as Brazil's economy, foreign policy, human rights issues, trade, science & technology, as well as useful links to various Brazilian government organizations and agencies.  The Brazilian Embassy in London is by far the best and most comprehensive of these sites


For Brazil Aficionados 

An e-zine with stories and news about business, technology, people and
iideas that are transforming Brazil. There are also articles on the arts.

This site offers independent analysis and opinion on Brazilian current affairs,
as well as a guide to Brazil-related sites.

Encyclopedic in scope, this well-designed site provides in-depth information on Brazilian Popular Music, with excellent introduction to the various popular forms
of Brazilian music and their cultural significance.  There is also extensive
information on Brazil's folklore, popular arts and crafts, customs, cuisine,
as well as recommended books and reading materials.

There are articles on art, culture, music, business and economy. 

The title says it allThe site is based in São Paulo, and was set up by expats in Brazil "to provide a one-stop source of information for the growing foreign community in Brazil."
This useful site of the Lonely Planet Guidebooks offers facts for the prospective visitor; suggestions on when to go, what to see; information about money, costs, weather, visas; tips from other travelers to Brazil. 

  •   Brazzil   (sic), an e-zine written in English, with articles on the arts, the culture, the music of Brazil.

A great site for any food lover.  This site offers a menu guide, as well as
information about Brazilian customs & hospitality. Food lovers who enjoy
cooking will appreciate the many Brazilian recipes, including one for "caipirinha," Brazil's potent national drink.

And For Real Brazil Nuts

  • soc.culture.brazil 
    • The discussions in this news group, at times acrimonious, often biased and highly opinionated, with frequent flame wars, can also be very informative. A good place to lurk and learn. The discussions are in Portuguese and in English.  Frequented mostly by Brazilians, with a sprinkling of English speaking fans of Brazil.
    • Lovers of Brazilian music frequent this news group. Discussions are in English. It's a very friendly group, with people who are very  knowledgeable about contemporary Brazilian music. 
  •     A well designed blog, focusing on various aspects of Brazilian music, with news, reviews, interviews, as well as scholarly articles on the music of Brazil. Erudite but not pedantic, this blog is a must for serious lovers of Brazilian music.
  • The Brazilian Muse   -  A blog that focuses on Brazilian music, dance, culture & people in New York City.
  • Brazilian Portuguese   -  What about learning some basic Portuguese, like greetings & other social  niceties?  This is the place where you can get started.


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