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"Seeds of Change" 2007 Series

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Artist's Statement

The media I work with serves as metaphor that speaks to the underlying theme of transformation. Paint watered down to transparent consistency, or thickly slathered-on impasto, embellished with multiple layers of glazes over thickly oozed textural surfaces; creates a luminous depth that begs for introspective and sensory exploration. Scrubbed on, pieced together, scraped off, thinned down, removed and rebuilt. I build up highly tactile surfaces that result from integrating two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed media elements. These textured surfaces invite curious eyes and hands to touch, explore and question the connections of internal and external relationships. My interaction with materials references the continuous cycles of death and rebirth. Subjects steeped in historical and cultural significance weave visual tapestries connecting post-modern concerns to answers inherent the human psyche.

"What's Up with the pomegranates?"

" Ravens,Crows and Other Stories"