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Hello! I'm Peter, your host for this group of SPARC pages. I do volunteer work at the SPARC Vintage Radio Museum in Coquitlam, British Columbia. For international readers, that's on the Canadian west coast. My area of interest is vintage broadcast -- equipment, program material, and history. I maintain this page for SPARC to inform you of the latest news and notes from the working studio at the SPARC Vintage Radio Museum. (updated 2 July, 2016.)

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See our studio at the SPARC Museum, where we broadcast on the floor
Our stereo Control Room where our Internet Radio originates

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Before continuing, you can be listening to a sample audio file produced by the SPARC broadcast section by clicking here, or on the meter scale. (It's a 2.8MB mp3 file, and runs 12 minutes) -- No, this sound file will not repeat as mentioned near the end.

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Where our programs originate at the Museum...

In this older picture, the late Jack Watson is "on the air" with his Vintage Oldies program -- I'm standing behind him, watching operations, thinking how something in our display could be improved!

The heart of our control room here is the Northern Electric 5420 console (used at CKNW by Jack Cullen), flanked on the left by two Ampex AG-440 tape machines, an ITC triple-deck cart machine (just behind Jack's head), and flanked on the right by a venerable Magnecord PT-6 tape machine (ex-CKNW), and two McCurdy/Panasonic turntables. At the bottom left is our McCurdy 16-inch turntable for playing transcription discs, and our classic Ampex 300 tape machine, the edge of which barely appears in the lower left of the picture. In this picture, our on-air microphone is a 1947 Shure 55 Unidyne (restored), one of the world's most enduring designs. Also, notice our master/slave clock system, donated by CBC Vancouver. This control room originates to low-power transmitters for the radios on display.

Notice the old "ON-AIR" sign. It was handmade at CKNW, and has hand-painted lettering. We have squeezed in an Ampex AG-600 now where the cart-rack is. Go back to the top

Where our programs originate for our Internet Radio

The Internet Radio that SPARC uses for the programs you hear is still somewhat experimental (Dec 2010). At the moment, we are using Windows Media Encoder 9, on our own server.

The photo shows the main control room where our stereo programs originate, or are produced. As well, any of our members can originate to our Internet Radio station.

Some of the equipment:

(Some units are out of this picture).

The equipment is always changing as new restorals get completed, and submit to trials.
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