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...You can listen to the SPARC Broadcast program over the internet. Go to the SPARC Home Page . Under RADIO MATTERS select Internet Radio Broadcasts. Use the Listen Now link there. Use that page to find out more about SPARC. Here is the direct link to the Listen Now link on that page.

Please e-mail us to comment on the sound or content, at sparcmuseum@telus.net We would be pleased to hear from you.

We continue to broadcast our vintage radio programs over the Internet. You can hear music favourites from the hit decades of big bands, rock and roll, and pop favourites from the 30s to the 60s. Also, listen for historical programs, commercials, and old network radio shows - music, comedy, and drama.

Current feature running: NEW SHOW (8 October, 2017):

We are now playing a recording Live, at the Coquitlam Treefest broadcast on September 13th, 2014. It runs six hours, and repeats for the next while. The music in this show will take you back a few years. There are Treefest announcements interspersed with the music. The music for this program is mostly good music from the 60s - a wag would say that the style is "beautiful music". To be fair about that label, it was a time of the rapidly growing popularity of FM stereo radio that depended on the many excellent new recordings being released in stereo. Peter is your host at the microphone. We're sorry to say that the broadcast is in mono, because our 50s studio can only originate monophonic programs.

The Treefest is an annual event presented by the Riverview Horticultural Society (RHCS) in the Riverview Hospital grounds, where, happily, SPARC is located. These grounds have been treated as an arboretum since the 1920s - here you will find a large variety of beautiful mature trees. There are tree tours, historical talks, gardening FAQ sessions, and live musical entertainment events throughout the day. We've always enjoyed providing additional background music for Treefest, while offering an interesting radio-history stop of our own in the tours.

The Horticultural Society has always been able to use the old CKNW "Crystal Palace" broadcast trailer for their headquarters at the event. Coquitlam Towing donates the trailer-move to the grounds, and Meridian RV is the the company that keeps the "old girl" alive. For a few years, our program origination was actually from the trailer, which still has the original CKNW control board in it. In fact, much of the equipment used during its broadcast days is still in place, and working, thanks to SPARC's care. The photos are earlier pictures, showing us on the air from the trailer - notice the CKNW control board still on its desk, the original CKNW electric clock, plus the SPARC gear from our collection to complete the setup. The tape machines came to SPARC from CKNW. I'm wearing my genuine CKNW sweater.

The board there is a McCurdy, and is the same model as donated to SPARC by CJAV. Look at "Consoles" on the SPARC Broadcast Studio page for restoration details on our own McCurdy.

At Treefest this year once more, we originated instead from the studio on the SPARC floor, and had our live FM radio program playing at the Crystal Palace Treefest headquarters. Here is a picture of our studio setup taken during the 2013 broadcast. Peter is "at the mike". The control board is our Northern Electric console from 1953, used by the late Jack Cullen. There is one of our 1950s transcriptions ready to play on Jack's 16-inch turntable that he used for his Network Replay program.

This is a popular outing every year. It's wonderful for families who are lovers of trees, music, entertainment, and Riverview Hospital history. A sadder note to the Treefest - The Riverview Hospital has been closed by the provincial government since June of 2012. Yet, the impressive trees, lawns and gardens are still a lovely setting. This should make everyone attending wonder what we can do to preserve this wonderful site. Please think about this. Watch for the Treefest next year, and keep your fingers crossed.

Tune in frequently, and enjoy the entire day of music and chat.

For the next while, this six-hour show will be heard unless we're playing any scheduled Program SPECIALS, as shown below.

Upcoming Program SPECIALS:

- posted 23 February, 2018