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We continue to broadcast our vintage radio programs over the Internet. You can hear music favourites from the hit decades of big bands, rock and roll, and pop favourites from the 30s to the 60s. Also, listen for historical programs, commercials, and old network radio shows - music, comedy, and drama.

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Current feature running:
- posted 29 December, 2017 .....Happy New Year from Heritage Radio at the SPARC Museum!

Recorded Live at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC, July 10th and 11th, 2010: "Fair In The Square". Peter and the late Jack Watson are your hosts.

It was the tenth anniversary of this popular weekend outing. It's popular with families who are lovers of music, entertainment, and Maillardville/Coquitlam history.

Our "remote" studio was once again in the period home of the Mackin House Museum. Although our vintage 60s studio equipment was technologically out of place in the house's pantry, our music was well received, this time featuring the 50s, leavened by vintage commercials and vintage Vancouver station breaks. Our programs were heard over the performance stages' sound systems in the grounds in the breaks between the artist's shows. Sorry for the appearance in our vintage set-up of the laptop - our CKNW AMPEX AG-600 failed late Saturday, and a "computer" -ugh - was pressed into service. On the Saturday part of the recording, you can hear the troubles with the Ampex on Gogi Grant's song, "The Wayward Wind". That reel-to-reel got fixed soon after, and was back on subsequent remotes. Meanwhile, for the Sunday, the reel-to-reel duties were carried out by our Revox A-77. I welcome the historically-correct challenges that broadcasters coped with in our decades past.

It is unfortunate that 2010 was the last year for the Fair In The Square event. Still, we have it recorded.

A new comment from 2016 from Peter... In the pictures you can see the source of our vintage commercials - two pocket-sized MiniDisc machines, and one bigger one (all sitting on top of the portable control board - a Collins 212J-1 from CKWX). We started using MiniDiscs a few years back because our old broadcast "Cart" machines were failing, for lack of good rubber idlers. As the years go on, even MiniDiscs are becoming vintage pieces of technology. Just take note that present broadcast audio sources are down to a microphone and a computer server!

Tune in frequently, and enjoy the whole weekend of music and nostalgia. If you know any of the words to the tunes, turn up your computer speakers, and sing along!

For the next while, this seven-hour show will be heard unless we're playing any scheduled Program SPECIALS.