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Life on Mars Episode Transcripts

Sam's accident in 2006 knocks him sideways; Gene kidney-punches Sam in 1973 (it's just a love tap); Annie prevents Sam from jumping off the roof.


The one where it begins: Sam travels to 1973 (or not).

Sam looks at himself in the fractured mirror; Sam and Gene do the post-coital thing in June's hospital room; Leonard identifies Kim Trent as the robber, yay Leonard!


The one with the boys in swimming trunks.

Sam touches the chimney (it's warm); Ted Bannister is interrogated in his cell; DCI Litton gets pissy with CID.


The one with trouble at t'mill, and a Party Seven.

Sam tries (ineffectually) to comfort his mum; Sam is naked and appalled after Joni's honey trap; Stephen Warren is arrested.


The one with the honey trap... and Sam's mum.

Sam comforts Ryan Clay after the death of his father; Gene chastises Sam in the usual fashion; a glimpse of young Sammy, off to the footie with his dad.


The one with the football... and young Sammy.

Reg Cole holds Annie at gunpoint; Gene and Sam are handcuffed; Sam faces death at gunpoint at 2 pm.


The one with the aggrieved hostage-taker.

Billy Kemble flashes Sam; Sam with the body in the morgue; Gene disciplines Sam in the loo.


The one with the death in custody (and a curry date).

Upset at seeing his father arrested, Sam does head!Cortina; Sam and young Sammy at the wedding reception; Vic pretends to give himself up (the bastard!).


The one with Sam's daddy issues (and Annie in red).

Sam prompts Gene in front of a Morecambe & Wise poster; Eve Olawi at the Wild Card Casino; Ray with Tony Crane.


The one with the angsty, timey-wimey Sam!torture.

Sam and Gene at the post office blag; Glen Fletcher as Sam sees him (2006 and 1973); Harry Woolf draws his gun.


The one with the two disappointing mentors.

Ray is caught in the car bomb blast; Sam investigates a church; Test Card Girl asks Sam to choose between red and yellow.


The one with the IRA (not!) and Sam in a confessional.

Young Sammy looking at his auntie Heather; Beauvoir lady Denise being interviewed; Annie is disappointed at being interrupted whilst whipping Roger Twilling.


The one with the sex party (and Sam's auntie).

Camberwick Sam rolls his eyes; a feverish Sam grabs Gene's lapels for a change; the Lamb women are hostages.


The one with Camberwick Green and Sam in a coma.

Maya appears on a film screen; Sam gets the iron treatment; Sam comes over all Dorothy with Gene.


The one with Maya (and Sam wears an iron).

Gene being interrogated in Lost Property; Sam looks at Gene in his cell; Sam with Tufty Fluffytail in the lift.


The one with Gene dressed as Tufty the Squirrel.

Sam receives disturbing news from Morgan; Sam keeps his promise to the team; Sam and Annie - and Gene, happily ever after.


The one where it ends: Sam goes home (twice).

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