Chat-An-Doll Ragdoll Kittens

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We are pleased to introduce to you, some of our pet quality Ragdoll kittens.

Blinking Ragdoll

Before leaving for their new home, Chat-An-Dolls Ragdolls:

 Pawprint Are checked thoroughly by a veterinarian, and their health is guaranteed (we supply a health certificate for each kitten when they leave our cattery)

 pawprint Have all their vaccinations required for their first year

pawprint  Are spayed or neutered

pawprint Are properly socialized, so that they are able to make a smooth transition into their new home and family.  We have found that this takes about 15 weeks. At this age, our kittens are ready to venture out into your lives (and hearts), with a lot less stress.

If you are considering a Chat-An-Dolls Ragdoll, I'm sure that you have a lot of questions. Please contact me, and I will be more than happy to help you make a decision right for you.

Blinking Ragdoll

We have Ragdolls ranging from young kittens to older, retired Ragdolls that are very much still kittens at heart.  Depending on your situation, one may be better suited over another.  Are you looking for a Ragdoll that is young and full of mischief?  Maybe an older kitten that is full of life, but isnít into everything is more your style.  If your human family or job takes up all your energy, you may like an older Ragdoll that will enjoy daily companionship, quiet time, and help you de-stress.   Not only do our Ragdolls vary in personality, they also range in price depending on age.  Let me help you find your next BFF! 

Please note that this page was updated in January 2016.  

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact me


Seal Bicolour Male
Born August 18 2015 

Parents: Yoshiko (seen on the Female Page) & Kaito San (seen on the Male Page)

Here is one of the sweetest boys you will meet. He has a wonderful temperament and enjoys hanging out with people. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact me.


Kitten 11



If you feel that a young kitten is not for you, possibly a female who is retiring would suite your lifestyle a little better. If you are interested, please contact me.

Blue Bicolour Female
Born July 18 2011 

Parents: Kumi (seen on the Family Page) & Tenno (seen on the Male Page)

Kioko has a sweet temperament and loves the companionship of people.



(but you can call me Winnie)
Seal Point Bicolour Male
Born August 6 2008 

Parents: Mei An and Tenno (both seen on the Family Page)

Wintson is very gentle with people and enjoys his piece of dried chicken with his breakfast. He loves taking part in the housework routine, as he shows up when the vacuum gets pulled out. He likes his body vacuumed (not his head or tail though).

Winnie needs to find somebody to love as he had to be returned to the breeder due to allergies. He will be seven in April, which makes his still a young and healthy cat.



Blue Bicolour Female
Born May 23 2012 

Tiny has always been very special to me. She loves being with people and loves it more when you rub her tummy. She is great with adults, but doesn't do well with young children. If you feel you could give this kitty a loving home. please contact me.



Blue Point Mitted Female
Born May 28 2010 

Parents: Chatandolls Dovery & Chatandolls Tomoki (seen on the Family Page)

Dai has been a wonderful mother with all her litters and now she is looking for a loving home where she can be babied. If you have room in your heart, she is ready to move in.




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