Chat-An-Dolls Ragdolls and their friends

ragdoll kittens
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Ragdoll cats

Serena and Scott of Vancouver, BC, share their home with Sebastian and Josie.  Sebastian has become a celebrity by being selected to be featured on the "Calling All Paws" scratch and win ticket for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. (Shown below)

In their house "Scratching" is not only allowed. . . . it's encouraged!  
Do you feel lucky?


Ragdoll cats


Ragdoll cats

TAKESHI (highlighted on the Home Page)
Thanks to Arlene of North Delta BC, for providing the perfect place for Takeshi to enjoy her retirement.  Takeshi spends a lot of time on her new scratching post which is located in the best spot for getting  attention from anybody passing by, and taking the odd catnap.

Takeshi's room mate, "Fizz" the dachshund is also a celebrity by being selected to be featured on the same series of scratch and win tickets for the BC Lotto. (Shown below)  What are the odds of that happening? 


Ragdoll cats

NORMA JEANS' daughter
Shilo has a pretty laid back life in Richmond BC with Betty & Jeff.

Shilo's Ragdoll friend Daisy is sharing the best blanket in the house with their friend Gringo.  

Ragdoll cats


Ragdoll cats

"Parsley" the Flemish Giant Rabbit and "Sydney" the Ragdoll.

Parlsey and Sydney are the best of buddies and reside in Red Deer, Alberta.


"Kelsey" the Golden Retriever and "Tia" the Ragdoll.

Kelsey and Tia live in Vancouver.   They can be found curled up together during a movie.  (Tia covers Kelsey's eyes during the scary parts!)


Ragdoll cats


Ragdoll cats

Heidi (on the left) and Samson (on the right) seen just above and directly below, live with Leonard and Monique of North Bay Ontario.

Heidi and Samson are active in community work, such as their version of "Neighbourhood Watch".   They know exactly what is happening around their place, but don't worry, gossip is totally beneath them.  


The "Three Amigos" from the Southwest!  (Southwestern Canada)

Cathy doesn't believe that you can have just one Ragdoll, so Sasche, Sebastian, and Beau round out her family in Calgary, Alberta.  They are the best of friends and where there is one, the others are not far away.  

Ragdoll cats


Finnigan lives with Martin and Monique in Winnipeg. 

 This Ragdoll has become a computer nerd!  He hasn't mastered the keyboard yet, but nobody can come close to his "mousing" skills!   

Ragdoll cats


Tekki calls Vancouver home with Kendrick. 

Wow! this keyboard is a great back scratcher. Also notice I
am in perfect position for the "line of attention" 

Ragdoll cats


Bayleigh calls Cranbrook,  BC home where he lives with Fran.

Born and raised in Canada, "Hockey Jock" is a complement.  Give a guy a game, the remote and a couple "pops" and all is well in the world.  

Ragdoll cats



Toto now lives in Surrey BC with Alison and Ella.

Toto is settling into his new home with the help of his new best friend Alison and her mom Ella.  

In 3 short months, Toto became a large cat who is happy to play games with you. 


Ragdoll cats


Riley now lives in Regina with Crawford.

Riley loves when you buy him things especially if they come in a box!



Ragdoll cats



Oto now lives in deep in the heart of Texas.

Oto and Homi celebrated birthday number 1 like everything in Texas . . . BIG!  
Oto loved all the attention, the gifts, the food. . . .

Ragdoll cats


Ju Jube (seen on the right) and Abie (seen below) live together with Carla in Halifax.

Ju Jube entertains himself by stocking you from under the covers.  Abie is a little more chilled.  She thinks nothing tops taking up as much room as possible on the sofa.


Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll cats



Gus Gus shares his life with Sian in Edmonton Alberta.

Gus Gus loves the newspaper.  On it, under it, or in between.  His enjoys pointing out articles he thinks you would enjoy reading.

Ragdoll cats


Monte and Winston call Montana home

Monte and Winston have decided that since so many people gather around the punch bowl at social events, this elegant bowl would be a great place to insure the correct amount of attention is received.  
Here they are trying it on for size and napping qualities. 


Coop and Sage
live with Tim and Di in Calgary Alberta.

Coop and Sage (Coop is on the left) love to hang out together in the backyard.  


Erika now lives is Red Deer with Eric and Kathy.  This very lucky girl has the best of friends and is surrounded by love and kindness.  Erika just adores the people that were given to her.



Chatandolls Hana
Blue Mitted Female
Born August 7 2003

Hana has now retired and has a loving home with Horace and Donalda in Red Deer Alberta.  


Amai Musume, but you can call me Sume.

Sume lives with Barbara and Bill in Washington.  Sume can often be found cuddling up with Dr Penn the Veterinarian Doll.  Does he have catnip in his pocket?


Campbell-Janzen Tower of Terror

Top tier: Lord Clifford Percival Howard Campbell-Janzen AKA Cliff

Mid tier: Lady Constance Victoria Fay Campbell-Janzen AKA Connie

And reigning matriarch

Lower tier: Sister Kathryn Grace Louise Campbell-Janzen AKA Gracie



Kuniko (Niko)  is on the left Umeko (Meko) is on the rigiht 

Niko and Meko are sisters and look so much alike that one has to be paying attention to tell them apart.

They are loving their new found retirement with Callinda and Ray in St Albert.






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