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Welcome to Chatandolls and Ragmatazz Ragdoll Catteries.

My name is Fay McGee-Waldner and I live in Rimbey, which is close to both Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  For a number of years I have dedicated my life to the Ragdoll breed, and the overall well being of these loving animals. I work very hard to produce beautiful, healthy, and loving Ragdolls, which gives me great pleasure. This commitment to our Ragdolls involves a large part of my daily routine. My involvement in the breed has also SGC Chatandolls Alexander Rag TICA 1998-99 afforded me the opportunity to meet many new people and kindle life long friendships, which I value. I am very proud of my successes and accomplishments over the years, having achieved both Regional and International recognition and distinction.

Unique to the breed is their gentle disposition and loving nature, and of course the "blue eyes" of the Ragdoll. The coat, medium-to-long, which tends to be mat-resistant, does not require constant grooming often associated with other breeds to keep it in good condition. The traditional colours are blue, seal, chocolate and lilac and the patterns are colour point, mitted and bi-colour.

I take pride in my breeding program and am  pleased to offer for sale Breeders, Show/Breeders, and Pet Quality Ragdolls. Shipping arrangements can be made to your destination.

I invite you to browse the site to meet some of my cherished Ragdolls.

Thank you for viewing my web site, and I encourage you to add it to your "favourites" and visit us again. If you are considering a Ragdoll as an addition to your family, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me.

Fay McGee-Waldner
PO Box 185
Rimbey, Alberta
 (403) 843-2544
 (403) 843-3646

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