Virtual Tour of our Cattery

Welcome to Chat-An-Dolls

We encourage people who are interested in obtaining a Chat-an-Dolls Ragdoll to come for a tour of the cattery.  It gives everybody the opportunity to get to know each other, and see the standards we strive for.

Due to the distance from your home to ours, visiting in person may not be feasible, so we have put together a virtual tour so you can visit us via cyberspace.

Front Enterance to Chat-An-Dolls

At the entrance, you can see a number of plaques that have been awarded to Chat-An-Doll Ragdolls.  

As well as plaques and acknowledgements, photos of some of the Chat-An-Dolls Ragdolls that have achieved local, national and international recognition can be seen.  

Here kittens can be watched to ensure that they are playing well with others and they are developing proper social behavior.  If you are interested in adding a Ragdoll to your family, you can sit and watch the kittens for one that catches your eye. 

Let's go in for a closer look . . . careful . . . as there are a number of Ragdolls out and about at any given time, special care has to be given to ensure they are kept safe!

Indoors, our Chatandolls Ragdoll Queens have lots of space to mingle, play, or go off by themselves for a little cat nap.

 Inside with the Queens

 A Chat-An-Doll mother watching over her kittens

Each Chatandolls Ragdoll Queen, has her own private nursery for raising her family.

 Once a Chatandolls Ragdoll is weaned, they start to explorer a little more. This play area is designed just for them.

Kitten's playroom


Chatandoll Ragdoll Cats

Here is another play area for our kittens to exercise and socialize with others. 



Male and female Chatandolls Ragdolls have their own large protected areas to enjoy Alberta's fresh air and sunshine.

 Outside Area at Chat-An Dolls Ragdolls


Cat Tracks




Ragdoll Friends 

Pet Kittens Available 


 Virtual Tour

Family Trees