"A Car Ignition Coil Driver"

Created: "July 16 2007"
Updated: "Oct 18, 2009" A NEW REVISED PCB & PICTURE OVERLAY.

A Simple design based on a 555 to Drive a Car Ignition Coil.

I Designed this for a Small Electric Fence to Protect my Vegitable Garden from some Small Animal called a Marmots. Last year they ate one of my crops entirely before I could install this device. A Few Shocks and No More Probem. My Garden is on Raised beds and the High Voltage wire is just 3 inches above the wood frames on homemade PVC Pipe Insulators. Could be Quite useful for persons that have Rabbit Problems also, with the wire raised a bit higher, But Read Warning Below.

Definately Makes a STRONG Electric Fence.

However, because it is a Continuous pulse output, WARNING: This can Kill Smaller animals, such as cats and rabbits, And Probably Even Small Children!

For a Much Safer Electric Fence, PLEASE consider making the "C-Mos Fencer" Project.

However this Car coil design can have many other uses as a HV Supply.

Not much else I can say now, maybe more later.

An Etched and drilled PCB's is available.

 The Schematic

 "Circuit Board"

 "NEW, Picture Overlay of Parts".

 "Picture of this in operation,
before installing it in a PVC Pipe case"

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