Individual Matches: The King of Vancouver

Steininger likes to play tactically complicated positions

    Gavin Steininger is the current King of Vancouver.  He obtained the title after defeating Andrei Kostin, the previous holder, in a recent match.  Gavin can be described as an attacking player that thrives in richly tactical and complicated positions.  His current rating is 1970, but he is slightly under-rated as he plays infrequently in CFC rated tournaments. His best performance in a CFC rated tournament was achieved at the North Shore Open 2004, where he finished in 4th place among strong competition.   

    He mostly plays Blitz (5 min. or less per game) where he routinely defeats players of master level.  He started to play chess at a relatively late age, 18 years old, but he quickly improved under the tutelage of Branco Brebrich and Joe Ozswald from the North Vancouver Chess Club.  In addition to playing chess, Gavin is a distinguished student of Mathematics and Statistics at Simon Fraser University. 

       Kostin likes to play the King's Gambit with the white pieces.

    Andrei Kostin  was the the first King of Vancouver.  He  obtained the title when he won the U2000 Swiss Section of the Saturday Night Chess Tournament (2).  In addition, Kostin had a very distinguished participation at the prestigious Keres Memorial Tournament where he finished in 2nd place in the U2000 section.  Kostin's latest achievement was sharing 1st. place with FIDE Master Fanhao Meng and Lucas Davies at the 2004 BC Junior Championship.

    Kostin defeated his first challenger, Eduardo Azmitia, with a score of  2.5 to 1.5, and he defeated his second challenger, Ben Daswani, with a score of 3.5 to 0.5.  However,  Kostin lost the match against his next challenger,  Gavin Steininger, after losing two games and drawing one.


Match III: Andrei Kostin Vs. Gavin Steininger

Andrei Kostin (W) 0.0 (B) 0.5  (W) 0.0  (B) --  0.5
Gavin Steininger (B) 1.0 (W) 0.5  (B) 1.0 (W)--  2.5

  Andrei with the White pieces in his customary suit, and Gavin with the black pieces displaying a dangerous smile.


Match II: Andrei Kostin Vs. Ben Daswani

Andrei Kostin (W) 1.0 (B)  1.0 (W) 1.0 (B) 0.5 3.5
Ben Daswani (B) 0.0 (W) 0.0 (B) 0.0 (W) 0.5 0.5

  Ben Daswani with the black pieces, and Andrei Kostin with the white pieces.

Match I: Andrei Kostin Vs. Eduardo Azmitia

Andrei Kostin (W)  0.5 (B)  0.5 (W) 1.0 (B) 0.5 2.5
Eduardo Azmitia (B)  0.5  (W) 0.5 (B) 0.0 (W) 0.5 1.5


    You can become the new King of Vancouver if you defeat Gavin Steininger on a four game (CFC rated) match.  You can only challenge Steininger if your rating is within 400 points of his rating.  The challenge fee is based on your rating: equal or higher rating than the King is $40.00; lower than the King by 100 points or less is $50. 00; lower by 101 to 200 points is $75.00; lower by 201 to 300 points is $100.00; lower by 301 to 400 points is $125.00.  The winner of the match receives the entry fee minus rating and room expenses which do not exceed $30.00. A tied match is considered won for the incumbent, but the money prize is equally divided.

   The games will be held weekly at the Vancouver Bridge Centre, and are stipulated to have a time control of 30 moves in 90 minutes plus 1 hour sudden death.  However,  location, dates, time controls and other details can be negotiated.

    To add your name to the list of challengers send an e-mail to:

    Individual matches are a very good way of improving your chess. This section has the aim to encourage you to participate on this type of competitions. A match with a player close to your rating might be possible to arrange. If you are interested, send an e-mail to the above address.