Vancouver League Photos

Fide Master Fanhao Meng is the 2004 BC Junior Chess Champion. He has represented Canada at the World Youth Championships. He  won the the 1st. Expert & Master Round Robin and the 3rd. Saturday Swiss Tournament.  

Blagoja Gicev is a player of Master strength (2344) that recently arrived to Vancouver  from the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.  He finished in 2nd place at the 1st Expert & Master Round Robin.

Michael Yip won the 1st. Saturday Swiss Tournament. He is the author of a series of books titled Checkmate University, which are designed for children and beginners. 

Valetina Goutor is the 2004 BC Women Chess Champion.  She has represented Canada at the World Youth Chess Championships. She won the 1st Class A Round Robin.

Andrei Kostin was the winner of the 2nd. Saturday Swiss Tournament, and he finished in second place at the 1st. Class A Round Robin. He is the current King of Vancouver.
   More photos to be posted soon.