Swiss Tournaments


Vancouver League: Swiss Tournaments  

     A Swiss tournament allows a relatively large number of players to take part in a short tournament.  The purpose of a Swiss tournament is to produce a clear winner in as few rounds as possible.  Because of its flexibility and efficiency,  Swiss tournaments have become extremely popular and widespread.

       The pairing system of a Swiss tournament  consistently tries to reduce the number of players with perfect or high scores.  The fundamental laws of this pairing system are that in each round players with the same score must play each other whenever possible and that no contestant may play the same opponent more than once.  There are other guidelines and several variations, which are discussed in more detail here.     

Vancouver League: Saturday Night Swiss (5)

Savas Kyriakides and Noam Davies shared first place in the highly contested Upper Section of the tournament.  Ivan Petrov won the Lower Section with  a perfect score.  Arik Milner played extremely well and got second place against all expectations.  The cross-tables are available  here.

Vancouver League: Saturday Night Swiss (4)

 Stephen Wright won this tournament by winning all of his games.  Edward Tang finished in second place a full point behind Stephen.  The tournament ended on August 21, 2004.  The cross-table is here.

Vancouver League: SUPER Saturday Night Swiss (3)

Fide Master Fanhao Meng and Vicente Lee won this edition with scores of 4.5/5.  Junior Noam Davies followed them with 4.0 points.  The tournament concluded on July 03, 2004.  The cross-table is available here

Vancouver League: Saturday Night Swiss (2)

Junior Andrei Kostin won this tournament with a score of 4.0/5.  Eduardo Azmitia obtained the second place with 3.5 points. The tournament concluded on April 24, 2004. The cross-table is available here.

Vancouver League: Saturday Night Swiss (1)

Michael Yip won this tournament with a perfect score of 5.0/5. James Chan was second with a score of 3.5/5.  The tournament concluded on March 06, 2004. The cross-table is available here.

Upcoming Swiss Tournaments:

Little Mountain: Saturday Morning Swisses
(Please note that these tournaments have been cancelled)