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Director of Photography -Crazy 8s short film competition
Photograph the short film “The Good Life”  
8 days to make a fictional short about a flood in Pemberton BC.*other directors in the exercise - Ray Dawn Chong and Carl Bessai

Director of Photography -  “The Big Bank Theory”
A small budget screwball comedy feature.
*The Big Bank Theory required many setups and locations around Squamish, BC.


Co-write, provide voiceover, and additional camera for 52 minute travel documentary,
“The Journey to the Heart of the World.”


An uplifting story about the Rocky Mountain community of Golden and an international group of volunteer woodworkers who built a unique bridge across the Kicking Horse River.

The Golden Bridge

Press Release
Associate Producer  / Voiceover  
Catalogue footage, script edit, raise funding, and provide voice over for one hour ski documentary, “The Spirit”
The Spirit
Filmwork & Services
Videographer - International Forest Products Photograph anti street racing commercial sponsored by Interfor
*Stage a street race on the grounds of a huge lumber mill.

Video Coordinator - Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Club, BC Lions Football Club Produce game, practice tapes and highlight reels for coaches and players.
Freelance Producer - CBC Vancouver Produce magazine segment, “Yadi’s Story” for the former CBC  
national program, “50/up.”
*My former greengrocer was an Iranian top gun in the Iran/Iraq war who was shot down over Iraq then rescued
by Kurds.

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