Groping Forward while gleaning, a conceptual mental model for understanding the future!

As the facts change, I change my mind, what do you do??? Civilization as condition and consciousness inexorably moves onward and upward to higher order states of affairs as new truths inevitably emerge from the fog with the ensuing moral dilemmas that are hopefully muted without inducing panic?? Every day as the universe unfolds, we will walk forward into the new order. This new order is a dense fog bank from which new noise, signal, data and/or information appears. Our ability to discern the new emerging patterns as knowledge, insights and/or wisdom will govern our place in the world. We must capture, cognate, connect, conceptualize, communicate, capitalize and commercialize this new stuff into better mental models and then concrete action! So go forth with a fire in your belly, a song in your warm heart and a questioning open "on" willing mind and be all you can be as you are the creater of our future!

Also knowing, we must earn as we learn!

New and improved core beliefs as mental models using cognitive restructuring to inculcate and imprint the latest and greatest while sublimating yesterdays dated tried, true and tested ones! Multi dimensional thinking is the ability to gather information from a diverse network of resources then view that situation from many different perspectives. After some reflection and deep thought maybe a different associative big picture mental model may emerge yielding a new vista context for better understanding of the subject matter context. For like it or not, the real world is all about strange stuff in associative symbiotic relationships! You can tell who is who in the zoo by hearing who is talking about what! The pupils fuss about objects as nouns and the practitioners are concerned about states and actions as verbs while the principles prognosticate and focus on relationships whereas the profound reminisce and muse about a renaissance in a resonating connected continuum!