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Generation Six

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Some circumstantial evidence is vey strong, as when you find a trout in the milk
—Henry David Thoreau  

288. HARMON6 BEAVERS (Ralph5 Beavers, George4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 22 February 1807. Sφnn (1949), page 37, states no further records available for this Harmon Beavers. This Harmon was undoubtedly the Harmon Beavers, farmer, born circa 1807 in New Jersey, living in Sonnett Township, Cayuga County, New York in 1880.1597
Child of Harmon Beaver and wife:

  859 i. John7 Beavers; born circa 1838 in New Jersey; married Hannah [-?-]; born circa 1840 in New York. In 1880 John, Hannah and family were living in the household of John's father (different family) in Sonnett Township, Cayuga County, New York, where John was enumerated as a farmer.1598
Children of John and Hannah Beavers listed in the 1880 federal census (all born in New York state):
(a) Fred A. Beavers, born circa 1868; married Mary J. [—?—]; born circa 1872 in England. Fred, Mary J. and daughter Gladys were living in Auburn, Ward 9, Cayuga County, New York, in 1910, where Fred was enumerated as a machinist (census page 14B).
Child of Fred aand Mary J. Beavers known from the 1910 federal census:
(i) Gladys Beavers; born circa 1894 in New York.

(b) Martha Beavers; born circa 1870.
(c) Elmer C. Beavers; born January 1874 (twin); married (tentative) Annie E. [—?—]; born circa 1894 in Pennsylvania. In 1900, Elmer was a boarder in the household of Clifford and Cora Chatfield and Cora's mother Louise Chatfield in De Witt, Onondaga County, New York. (Note that Cora and Louise were also in the household of Elmer's twin, Ernst, in 1910, 1920 and 1930). Elmer was listed as a stationary engineer in 1900. In 1920, Elmer, age circa 47, was single and living with his brother Ralph and family in Wilna, New York. In 1930, apparently Elmer and Annie had just been married circa three years; no children reported. They were living as boarders in the household of Nellie I. Leary in Auburn, Cayuga County, New York, where Fred was listed as a chef in a restaurant (page 10A).
(d) Ernst Beavers; born 4 January 1874 (twin). Ernst (also Ernest) probably did not marry. In 1910, Ernst, single, was head of household in Lysander, Onondaga County, New York; also in the household was Cora Chatfield; born circa 1868 in New York and Cora's mother, Louise Chatfield; born circa 1843 in New York (page 8A). In 1920, Ernest was living in Elbridge, Onondaga, New York; also in the household was Cora E. Chatfield and Louise Chatfield (page 9a); both listed as housekeepers. In 1930, Ernest was still in Elbridge, New York, listed as married. also in the household was Cora Chatfield, widow (page 1A).
(e) Arthur Kent Beavers; born 24 March 1877; married Birdie [—?—]; born circa 1875 in New York. In 1900, Arthur, Birdie and son John were living in Mentz, Cayuga County, New York, where Arthur was listed as a wood polisher in Carneige? Works (page 15A). In 1910, the family was in Auburn, Ward 10, Cayuga County, New York, where Arthur was enumerated as a stationary engineer, shop. Arthur's specific birth and middle name is known from his World War I Draft Registration Card in which he was listed as a machinist.
Children of Arthur and Birdie Beavers known from the 1910 federal census (all born in New York):
(i) John Arthur Beavers; born 24 September 1899; date according to his World War I Draft Registration Card.
(ii) Iva Beavers; born circa 1901.
(iii) Elmer Beavers; born circa 1903.
(iv) Bessie Beavers; born circa 1907
(f) Ralph Beavers, born December 1879; married Gertrude [—?—]; born circa 1885 in New York. In 1920, the family was in Wilna, Jefferson County, New York, where Ralph was enumerated as a farmer (page 10B); also living with the family in 1910 was Ralph's brother Elmer. In 1930, Ralph and Gertrude were living in Rochester, New York (page 3B). Their son Raymond and his family were also with them in1930.
Child of Ralph and Gertrude Beavers known from the federal censuses (born in New York):
(i) Raymond Beavers; born circa 1905; married Heloise [—?—]; born circa 1904 in Iowa. In 1930, Raymond, Heloise and family were living with Raph's parents in Rochester, New York, where Raymond was listed as a chauffeur for a private family. Children of Raymond and Heloise Beavers known from the 1930 census: Robert Beavers, James Beavers, and Barbara Beavers.

289. JOSEPH6 BEAVERS (Ralph5 Beavers, George4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 7 August 1809 in New Jersey; died 5 May 1881; married MARGARET STOUT (daughter of Andrew Stout); born 7 August 1807 in New Jersey; died 10 March 1883.1599 Both Joseph and Margaret are buried in Fairmont Cemetery [?Fairmont Cemetery, Phillipsburg, Warren County, New Jersey].

In 1880, Joseph and Margaret were living by themselves, but next door to their son Harmon, in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where Joseph was enumerated as a farmer.1600

Children of Joseph and Martha (Stout) Beavers:

  860 i. John7 Wesley Beavers; born 26 October 1831 in New Jersey; married Emeline Seavers; born November 1832 in New Jersey; she was a daughter of Abram and Hannah (Manning) Seavers. The family lived in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey, where John was a farmer in 1860 (census page 295, 1870 (page 544), 1880 (page 442), and 1900 (page 4b), when John and Emeline were living alone. In 1910, Emeline, widow, was living with her son John Wesley Beavers in West Tewksbury, Hunterdon County (page 8A).
Children of John and Emeline Beavers known from the federal censuses (all born in New Jersey) and from John Wesley's biography in Biographical and genealogical history of Morris County, New Jersey, page 663-664.
(a) Rebecca Jane Beavers, born circa 1857.
(b) Elijah W. Beavers, born circa 1859 in New Jersey; married Blanch Apgar; born circa 1864 in New Jersey. In 1910, the family was living in West Tewksbury, Hunterdon County, where Elijah was farming.
Children of Elijah and Blanch (Apgar) Beavers:
(i) Edward J. Beavers; born circa 1891 in New Jersey.
(ii) Wesley J. Beavers; born circa 1900 in New Jersey.
(c) Georgiana Beavers, born circa 1863; married Peter L. Apgar.
(d) Margaret E. Beavers, born 1865.
(e) Ulysses Beavers, born circa 1867; married Sarah Apgar.
(f) William E. (or S.) Beavers, born circa 1870.
(g) Samuel M. Beavers, born circa 1875; married Emma Van Pelt
  861 ii. Jane Beavers; born circa 1833 in New Jersey; married George Pickle; born circa 1825 in New Jersey. In 1880, the family was living in Chester Township, Morris County, New Jersey, where George was farming (page 97).
Children of George and Jane (Beavers) Pickle known from this census, all born in New Jersey:
(a) Joseph Pickle, born circa 1855.
(b) Margaret Pickle, born circa 1857.
(c) Sarah M. Pickle, born circa 1860.
(d) George C. Pickle, born December 1862; married Lillie M. [—?—]; born March 1872. In 1900, George, Lillie and son George were living in Tewksbury, Hunterdon Countuy, New Jersey, where George was listed as a teamster for a feed mill (page 1B). Also in the household in 1900 was Emily Hammond, age 77, listed as a boarder.
Child of George and Lillie Pickle:
(i) George W. Pickle; born November 1893 in New Jersey.
(e) Emma J. Pickle, born circa 1865; died 15 August 1891; married, 27 December 1889, Elias W. Emmons; born 24 December 1862. Elias W. was a farmer. There is a short biographical sketch for Elias W. Emmons in Biographical and genealogical history of Morris County, New Jersey, pages 564-565; online in the "Stories, Memories and Histories" section of
Child of Elias and Emma (Pickle) Emmons:
(i) infant Emmons; died in infancy?—before Emma died in 1891.
(f) Elizabeth A. Pickle, born circa 1867.
(g) Olive L. Pickle, born circa 1871.
(h) Hubert Pickle, born circa 1879.
  862 iii. Martha Beavers; born circa 1835 in New Jersey; married Theodore Lance; born November 1831 in New Jersey. Theodore was a farmer in 1880 when the family was living in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (page 385). By 1900 Martha had died and Theodore was living with his son Joseph B. and family.
Children of Theodore and Martha (Beavers) Lance known from the 1880 census (all born in New Jersey):
(a) William Lance, born circa 1860
(b) Jane Lance, born circa 1862.
(c) Lucy Lance, born circa 1870.
(d) Joseph B. Lance, born September 1874; married Gertrude [—?—]; born August 1871 in New Jersey. The family lived in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County in 1900, where Joseph B. was farming.
Children of Joseph and Gertrude Lance known from the 1900 federal census (both born in New Jersey).
(i) Florence Lance; born February 1898.
(ii) Leroy Lance; born June 1899.
  863 iv. Joseph Chattle Beavers; married Charity Crater.
  864 v. George Beavers; died of typhoid fever while in the Union Army during the Civil War.
  865 vi. Harmon Beavers; born circa ?1844 in New Jersey; married Juliann Pickle:1601 "Oct. 17th [1866] by Rev. J. B. Howard, Harmon Beavers to Juliann Pickle"1602; born circa 1847 in New Jersey. In 1880, the family was living in Clinton Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where Harmon was enumerated as a farmer. Also listed with the family in 1880 were Isaah Dilts, born circa 1853; Gertrude Dilts, born circa 1858; Alice Dilts, born circa 1862, and a Watson Striker, born 1860.
Children of Harmon and Julia known from the 1880 census (page 259) (all born in New Jersey:
(a) Mary E. Beavers, born circa 1868.
(b) Joseph Beavers, born circa 1870.
(c) George E. Beavers, born circa 1874.
(d) Maggie Beavers, born circa 1877.
(e) Fred Beavers, born circa 1880.
  866 vii. Ralph Beavers; born January 1842 in New Jersey; married Hannah Elizabeth Rinehart; born February 1847 in New Jersey. In 1870, Ralph and Hannah E. and daughter Ellen were in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey (page 368). In 1880 (page 343) and 1900 (page 6A), the family was living in Nemaha Township, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Ralph was a farmer.
Children of Ralph and Elizabeth (Rinehart) Beavers known from federal censuses (both born in New Jersey):
(a) Elmer E. Beavers, born February 1867; married Cora [—?—], born October 1871 in Nebraska. Elmer was a farmer. The family lived in Nemaha Township, Lancaster County, Nebraska in 1900 (next door to Ralph's parents), 1910 (page 6B), and 1920 (page 10B).
Children of Elmer and Cora Beavers (known from the federal censuses (all born in Nebraska):
(i) Bessie L. Beavers, born October 1891
(ii) Ralph E. Beavers, born July 1893.
(iii) Hobart (or Hubert) Beavers, born June 1896
(iv) Glenn Beavers. born circa 1901.
(v) Robert N. Beavers, born circa 1905; married Elsie [—?—], born circa 1910 in Nebraska; Robert was a farmer—in 1930, the family was in Nemaha Township, Lancaster County with son Robert N. Beavers, Jr., born 1930 (page 1A).
(b) Maggie Beavers, born circa 1873.
  867 viii. Christiana Beavers.
  868 ix. Manning F. Beavers; born circa 1849 in New Jersey; married Mary Marrietta Pickle; born 27 September 1847: "At New Germantown, November 29th [1873], by Rev. W. H. Haggerty, Manning F. Beavers to Mary [Marietta] E. Pickle, both of Fairmount" [probably this is the Fairmont in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey]. Mary Marietta was a daughter of Samuel M. and Deborah (Bartles) Pickle.1603 According to the 1880 federal census, Mary was born circa 1851 in New Jersey. In 1880, Manning, farmer, and Harriet (should this be Marietta, or was Harriet a second wife) were living next door to Harmon's parents, with their children.
Children of Manning and Marrietta (Pickle) Beavers:
(a) Maggie Beavers, born circa 1875 in New Jersey.
(b) Samuel Beavers, born 1880 in New Jersey.1604

295. ELIZABETH6 FRITTS (Anna5 Beavers, George4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 5 February 1806; died 5 March 1874; married MICHAEL HONNESS; born 25 June 1797; died 4 January 1830.1605

Children of Michael and Elizabeth (Fritts) Honness:

  869 i. Christiana Honness; born 1826; died 1828.
+   870 ii. Benjamin7 Fritts Honness; born 7 November 1827; died 9 July 1917; married (first) Elizabeth S. Probasco; married (second) Sarah Ann Foster.
  871 iii. Sarah Ann Honness; born 1 August 1829; died 1 November 1905; married David B. Alpaugh; born circa 1829 in New Jersey. David was a farmer. The family lived in Clinton Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1850 (page 348); in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County in 1860 (page 96); and in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey (page 538) in 1870. By 1900, Sarah, widow, was back in Clinton Township living by herself (page 12B).
Children of David and Sarah Ann (Honness) Alpaugh known from the federal censuses (all born in New Jersey):
(a) Mary Alpaugh; born circa 1850.
(b) Rachel Alpaugh; born circa 1852.
(c) John J. Alpaugh; born circa 1854; married Lizzie [—?—]; born circa 1855 in New Jersey. John and Lizzie were living in Phillipsburg, Warren County, New Jersey in 1880 (no children reported, where John was listed as a railroad machinist (page 562).
(d) Wesley A. Alpaugh; born October 1855; married Emma [—?—]; born February 1857 in New Jersey. Wesley was a locomotive engineer. The family lived mainly in Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey (1900-1930).
Children of Wesley and Emma Alpaugh known from the federal censuses (both born in New Jersey):
(i) Edgar Alpaugh; born September 1882.
(ii) Harry (also Harold) Alpaugh; born 7 December 1893.
(e) Ann Alpaugh; born circa 1860.
(f) Benjamin Alpaugh; born circa 1863.
(g) Hester Alpaugh; born circa 1866.
(h) Lyrus Alpaugh; born circa 1869.

296. SARAH6 ANN FRITTS (Anna5 Beavers, George4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 24 August 1807; died 19 October 1836; on 16 February 1832,1606 she married JAMES BEATTY, JR.; born 16 February 1807; died 19 August 1878; he was a son of James and Elizabeth (Sliker) Beatty.1607

Child of James and Sarah Ann (Fritts) Beatty:

+   872 i. Ann7 Elizabeth Beatty; born 1834; died 1927; married Isaac Snover Smith.

311. GEORGE6 BEAVERS CARHART (Mary5 (Polly) Beavers, George4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 12 January 1812; died 17 March 1905 in Brooklyn, New York; married in Macon, Georgia, 17 February 1850, MARY ELIZABETH ROSE; born 5 August 1829 in Clinton, Georgia; died 22 November 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. She was a daughter of Simri and Lavinia (blount) Rose.1608

George Beavers Carhart was a banker. In 1880, George, Mary and child Amory were living in Brooklyn, New York, where George was enumerated as a retired merchant.

George Beavers Carhart, of Hunterdon Co., N. J., passed many years in the Southern States, connected at times with a number of banking institutions, in different important cities of the South. He was as well, at other periods, engaged in commerce, and for several years President of theN. Y. and N. Haven R.R.1609

Children of George and Mary Elizabeth (Rose) Carhart:

  873 i. (tentative) William7 E. Carhart; born 1850 in New York; married Augusta [-?-]; born circa 1853 in New York. In 1880, William, Augusta and child William were living in Brooklyn, New York, where William was enumerated as a grocer. William's father was reported born in New Jersey and his mother born in Georgia.
Child known from the 1880 federal census:
(a) William E, Carhart (Jr.,), born circa 1875 in New York.1610 In 1920, this William E. Carhart (Jr.) was living in Brooklyn, New York; he was single, listed as a broker in a bank, and his mother, Augusta, was living with him.1611
  874 ii. Amory Sibley Carhart; born 28 December 1851 in New York; married Marion Brookman.1612. She was a daughter of Henry D. and Marion (Prentice) Brookman. Amory was a student of the Polytecnic School, Hanover, Germany. He was a trustee of the Union Trust Company of New York City and the People's Trust Company of Brooklyn, New York.

Obviously Amory was interested in genealogy as the following attests:

For nine years preveous to 1879, George Beavers Carhart, of Macon, Ga., and at present of Brooklyn, N. Y., has been residing with his family in Europe, mainly in France, and during this period, his son, Amory Sibley Carhart, had visited at times the native land of his early ancestors, and obtained the Coat of Arms at the Herald's Office, in London, and extracts from records of the family in Co. Cornwall, which will be found in the appropriate places.1612b

Child or Amory and Marion (listed as Isadora in 1920?) Carhart known from the 1920 federal census when the family was living in Boston, Massachusetts, Ward 8 (page 12A):
(a) Amory Sibley Carhart, Jr.; born (private).

332. ALEXANDER6 WHITE (William5 Wellington, Mary4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 28 February 1808 in Lewis County, Virginia; married MARY WHITE; born circa 1807 in Ohio. She was a daughter of Samuel M. and Nancy (Ballinger) White of Franklin County, Ohio.1613

Samuel M. White was a son of Samuel and Jane (Stewart) White, and hence a brother of Alexander White who married Mary Beavers-see "More on the Whites of Sussex County, New Jersey, and Hardy County, West Virginia, and a possible Mayflower connection" for dates. Therefore, Alexander and Mary (White) White were second cousins.

In 1850, Alexander, Mary and children Wilson, Frances, William,, Samuel, Jane and Alexander were living in Jackson Township, where Alexander and sons Wilson and William were enumerated as farmers.1614 In 1880, Alexander, Mary and children Jane and Alice were still living in Jackson Township.1615

Children of Alexander and Mary (White) White as listed in the 1850 and 1880 federal censuses:

  875 i. Wilson6 B. White; born September 1832; married Adalaide [—?—]; born April 1852 in Ohio. In 1880, the family was living in Grove City, Franklin County, Ohio, where Wilson was enumerated as a carpenter (page 115). By 1900, the family had moved to Truro Township, Franklin County, where Wilson was farming (page 4B).
Children of Wilson and Adelaide Wilson known from the federal censuses (both born in Ohio):
(a) Jessie Wilson (daughter); born May 1880. In 1900, Jessie, single and living with her parents, was listed as a teacher.
(b) Mary Wilson; bor January 1884.
  876 ii. Frances White; born circa 1834.
  877 iii. William White; born circa 1835.
  878 iv. Samuel Clark White; born circa 1837.
  879 v. Jane Stewart White; born circa 1839.
  880 vi. Alexander White; born circa 1839.
  881 vii. Alice M. White; born circa 1855.

Other children reported to be children of Alexander and Mary (White) White (not necessarily in order of birth):1616

  882 viii. Jacob H. White.
  883 ix. Joseph White.
  884 x. Rebecca White.
  885 xi. Muchner White.
  886 xii. Cummings H. White.
  887 xiii. Henry White.

336. PAXTON6 EZEKIEL STOUT WHITE (William5 Wellington, Mary4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 25 March 1819 in Lewis County, Virginia; died 15 July 1888; married MARY MAXON; born 19 April 1824 in Virginia; died 15 December 1898.1617

In 1850, Paxton, Mary and children Julius, Irving, and Adelia were living in Lewis County, Virginia, where Paxton was enumerated as a farmer.1618

Children listed in the 1850 federal census (all born in Virginia):

  888 i. Julius6 White; born circa 1844; (tentative) married Martha E. [—?—]; born circa 1853 in Virginia. This Julius C. White family was living in Freeman Creek, Lewis County, West Virginia, in 1880, where Julius C. was farming (page 136).
Children of Julius C. and Martha E. White, known from the 1880 federal census (all born in West Virginia):
(a) Seymore F. White; born circa 1870.
(b) Ollie White (daughter); born circa 1873.
(c) Dallas W. White; born circa 1875.
(d) Rhua M. White (daughter); born circa 1878.
(e) Julius White; born circa 1880.
  889 ii. Irving (Griffins) White; born circa 1847.
  890 iii. Adelia White; born circa 1849.

Children of Paxton and Mary (Maxon) White listed in the 1880 federal census for Willey Township, Lewis County, West Virginia (all born in present-day West Virginia):1619

  891 iv. Americus Filander White; born 12 January 1852; died 1 September 1917; married Caroline Cordelia Hartley; born circa 1854; died circa 1924.1620
They were the parents of 15 children; those known from federal censuses:
(a) Alva A. White (twin); born March 1885 in West Virginia; married his cousin Mary White; she was a daughter of Crittendon White (#895). In 1910, the couple was living with Mary White's parents. In 1920. Alva, Mary and son Mark were still in Freemans Creek (page 7B). By 1930, the family was in Weston, Lewis County, where Alva was an auto mechanic (page 4B). See also under Mary White (#895).
(b) Alpha E. White (twin); born March 1885.
(c) Emery B. White (twin); born August 1886.
(d) Emma E. White (twin); born August 1886.
(e) Floretta White; born July 1888.
(f) Leva White (daughter); born September 1890.
(g) Roscoe Ross White, born 15 June 1893 in Lewis County, West Virginia, died circa 1963, married Mabel Virginia Mick, born circa 1895, died circa 1965.
Roscoe and Mabel had children
(i) Ross Allen Peregrine White, born (private).
(ii) James Edward White (foster son), born (private).1621

Roscoe Ross White was the author of "White family records," 1939, updated by Arden White."1622
(h) Pluma White (daughter); born October 1895.
  892 v. Remington Brecknridge White; born circa 1854.
  893 vi. Buchanan White; born circa 1856.
  894 vii. John Lecher White; born circa 1859.
  895 viii. Crittendon White; born circa 1862; married Sarah C. [—?—]; born circa 1862 in Virginia. Crittendon was a farmer. The family lived in Freemans Creek, Lewis County, West Virginia in 1910 (page 15A) and 1930 (page 11A).
Known children from the federal censuses (all born in West Virginia):
(a) Mary White; born circa 1886; married her cousin Alva A. ?White; born circa 1885 in West Virginia. In 1910, the couple was living with Mary's parents, when Alva was listed as a farm laborer. In 1920, the family was still in Freemans Creek, where Alva was farming. In 1930, the family had moved to Weston, Lewis County, West Virginia, where Alva was listed as an auto mechanic.
Child of Alva and Mary White:
(i) Mark White; born 1912 in West Virgina. In 1930, Mark, single and living with his parents, was enumerated as a store clerk.
(b) Estelle (also Stella) White; born circa 1890; married Daniel White; born 13 October 1883 in West Virginia. He was a son of Tinson and Rebecca Whtie. Daniel's 1942 World War Draft Registration Card gives his specific birth date, name of wife and his occupation address as Board of Education, Lewis County, West Virginia. In 1910, Stella, Daniel and son Tenyson were living with Stella's parents, when Daniel was listed as a waggoner. In 1930, the family was still in Freemans Creek, and Daniel was still farming (page 13A).
Children of Daniel and Stella White, known from the 1910 and 1930 federal censuses (all born in West Virginia):
(i) Tennyson White; born circa 1908 in West Virginia.
(ii) Opal White; born circa 1912.
(iii) Daniel P. White; born circa 1915.
(iv) Josephine B. White; born circa 1917.
(v) Mary M. White; born (private).
(vi) Sarah R. White; born (private).
Note: There was another Daniel White (born circa 1885) and Stella White (born circa 1890) in Mason County, West Virginia, in 1930 (page 5B)
(c) Edna White; born circa 1896.
Also living with Crittendon and Sarah in 1910 were Harry Moor, born circa 1898, foster child; and William S. White, nephew; born circa 1883 in West Virginia.
  896 ix. Sarah Estella White; born circa 1865.

338. WILLIAM6 PAXTON WHITE (William5 Wellington, Mary4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 25 February 1824 in Virginia; died 1880; married ELIZABETH GANTZ; born 21 October 1831 in Pennsylvania; died 1896.1623 Elizabeth's sister Lydia Gantz married Thomas Benton White (#350).

In 1850, William and Elizabeth, no children, were living in Jackson Township, Franklin County, Ohio, where William was listed as a farmer.1624 In 1880, William and Mary were still in Jackson Township, with children T. D. White, Albert R. White and William E. White.1625

Children of William and Elizabeth (Gantz) White:1626

  897 i. Dexter6 Gantz White; born 2 April 1851; died June 1934 in Oregon; married Laura Jane Clark; born circa 1855; died 1899.
One of the five children of Dexter and Laura (Clark) White:
(a) Charles D. White, born 14 July 1884 in Ohio, married Myrtle Ruth Francis, born 28 August 1891 in Ohio, died 25 August 1944 in Ohio. Charles and Myrtle were the parents of Dexter White, the author of "The White family and the Gantz family, updated 1996" and the online report "Peregrine White."1627
  898 ii. Thomas Dilworth White.
  899 iii. Alice White.
  900 iv. Mary C. White.
  901 v. William Elvin White.
  902 vi. Marcus Adam White.
  903 vii. Albert R. White.

429. SOPHIE6 ELLEN THOMPSON (Helen5 Permelia Frees, Naomi4 Beavers, Ann3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 3 April 1837 in Genesco, Livingston County, New York; died 22 June 1911 in Chicago, Illinois; married MATTHEW ASBURY STEVENSON on 29 March 1858; he was born 7 June 1827 in Emmettsburg, Maryland; died 25 September 1895 in Chicago.1628

Here is what The Compendium of American Genealogy1629 has to say about Matthew Stevenson: "… one of the earliest daguerreotypists in America, in which art he made a fortune; camp photographer at Camp Dennison, O., during Civil War."

In 1880, the family was in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio (no occupation given for Matthew or children (page 286). By 1900, Matthew had died, and Sophie and children Adelaide, Bertha, George U., Evangeline, Bryon, and Helen L., all single, were living in Chicago, Illinois (page 16B). In 1910, Sophie, head of the household, was still in Chicago (page 5A), living with daughters Nellie L. [Lucille], Bertha and Evaline V. Kirk.

Children of Matthew and Sophie Ellen (Thompson) Stevenson (all born in Ohio.:

  904 i. Irene7 Louise Stevenson; born 20 December 1858 in Toledo, Ohio; died October 1941; married William Clinton Arnold; born 15 February 1859; died April 1943.
Child of William and Irene (Stevenson) Arnold
(a) Bessie Evaline Arnold; born 31 March 1884; married James S. Hanson; born 19 June 1886 in London, Ontario.. James was a physician.
  905 ii. Joseph Asbury Stevenson; born 22 November 1860 in Ohio; died 30 September 1910 in Los Angeles. He did not marry..
  906 iii. Edward Franklin Stevenson; born 12 January 1863; died 25 May 1874.
  907 iv. Eugenia Victoria Stevenson; born 11 February 1865; in 1944 living in Upper Montclair, New Jersey; married Frederick Raine (born and baptized Frederick Reinheimer); born 1843; died in 1899. Frederick was a Civil War veteran (Company E. Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry) and lawyer.
Their children:
(a) Adelaide Cora Raine; born 4 January 1894 in Ohio; married Albert Hugh Finn; born 29 February 1892 in Washington state.
Children of Albert and Adelaide (Raine) Finn:
(i) Fifin Finn; born 6 December 1915.
(ii) Eugene Hugh Finn; born (private).
(b) Florence Eugenie Raine; 10 Febraru 1896 in Ohio; married Harry Theodore Brohl;20 May 1897 in Ohio. Henry was an engineer, a University of Michigan graduate.
Child of Harry and Florence (Raine) Brohl:
(i) Harry Theodore Brohl, Jr.; born (private).
  908 v. Adelaide Israella Stevenson; born 17 January 1867; died 4 February 1931 in Port Clinton, Ohio; married (first) Harry Hopkins (they divorced, no issue); married (second) James W. Wilson (no issue). Adelaide was enumerated as a protrait artist in 1900, when single ans still living with her mother.
  909 vi. Bertha Jennie Stevenson; born 24 November 1869 in Ohio; died 10 September 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1920 and 1930, Bertha Stevenson, single, was living with her divorced sister Lucile Dalrymple (head of household) and widowed sister Evangeline Kirk in Chicago, Illinois. Bertha was enumerated as a portrait artist in 1900, and as a municipal landscaper in the 1920 federal census.
  910 vii. Mabel Josephine Stevenson; born 20 November 1871 in Ohio; died 3 August 1940 in Ohio; married, 23 November 1892, Clarence Holton Upson; born 20 November 1869 in Marshalltown, Iowa; died 3 August 1940. In 1920, Clarence, Mabel and son Neville were living in Polk Township, Crawford County, Ohio, where Clarence was enumerated as custodian of the State Armory.1630
Children of Clarence and Mabel (Stevenson) Holton:
(a) Dewitt Matthew Upson; born 25 December 1894 in Michigan; married Golda Gertrude Young; born 5 Febraury 1894 in Ohio. Dewitt was a painter and interior decorator.
Their children:
(i) Loretta Francis Upson.
(ii) Geraldine Harriet Upson.
(iii) Allen DeWitt Upson.
(iv) Joan Ruth Upson.
(b) Charles Stevenson Upson; born 7 January 1897 in Ohio; married Margery Elizabeth Snyder; born 14 February 1897 in Ohio. Charles was an accountant.
Child of Charels and Margery (Snyder) Upson:
(i) Virginia Eleanor Upson
(c) Neville Urie Upson, born circa 1913 in Ohio, married, first, Mildred Gwinner; married, second, Gladys Hulbert.
+   911 viii. George Urie Stevenson; born 28 July 1874; died 1946. He did not marry.
  912 ix. Evangeline Van Rensselaer Stevenson (twin); born 5 January 1877 in Ohio; married Thomas E. Kirk; born February 1863 in Missouri; died 21 July 1911 in San Francisco, California. In 1900, still living at home and single, Evangeline was enumerated as a portrait painter. In 1920 and 1930, Evangeline Kirk was living with her divorced sister Lucile Dalrymple (head of household) and unmarried sister Bertha Stevenson in Chicago, Illinois. Evangeline was also enumerated as a portrait painter in the 1920 census.
  913 x. Pearl Stevenson (twin); died in infancy.
  914 xi. Bryon Garfield Stevenson; born 24 June 1879 in Sandusky, Ohio. Bryson did not marry. At one time he owned land that had a fishing and hunting lodge, the area called "Bay Shore Acres" on Sandusky Bay, Ohio.
  915 xii. Helene Lucille Stevenson; born 29 October 1882 in Ohio; married, 14 August 1915, Frederic Dalrymple; born 10 April 1889 in Illinois or New York state. In 1920 and 1930, Lucile, head of household, was living in Chicago, Illinois, with her daughter Dorothy, widowed sister Evangeline Kirk and unmarried sister Bertha Stevenson.1631 "Mrs. Lucile Dalrymple is a prominent portrait painter and lives at 4332 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, Ill."1632 Frederic Dalrymple was a student of the Art Institute of Chicago and the J. Francis Smith Academy of Chicago. "Painter of miniatures on ivory, and portraits in oil, since 1910. Pres. Chicago Society of Miniature Painters …"1633 Partial descent of Helen Lucille Stevenson Dalrymple in The Compendiium of Amercan Genealogy, page 654.
Frederic and Helene (Stevenson) Dalrymple had child
(a) Dorothy Diane Dalrymple; born 23 December 1916 in Ohio. By 1920, Frederic and Helene had divorced. In 1900, still living at home and single, Helen L. was enumerated as a portrait painter.

439. CYRUS6 CALVIN BREEN (enumerated in 1880 and 1920 as Calvin C. Breen) (Joseph5 Breen, Jane4 Clifford, John3, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 2 January 1841 in Brecksville Township; died 9 November 1925 in Brecksville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; married, 29 December 1867, MARY R. PACKARD; born 7 August 1846 in Hinckley Township, Medina County, Ohio.1634 She was a daughter of I. and Betsey (Bellus) Packard.

The family lived in Brecksville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where Calvin C. was enumerated as a farmer.1635 In 1910, Calvin, widower, was living with his son Joseph and Joseph's family in Brecksville, Ohio. In 1920, Calvin C., widowed, was living by himself in Brecksville Township, but in the same household as his son Joseph S. Breen.1636

Children of Cyrus Calvin and Mary (Packard) Breen:

  916 i. Joseph7 S. Breen; born circa 1869 in Ohio; died 4 April 1946; married Hattie Whitehead; born December 1871 in Ohio. Joseph was a farmer. In 1900, 1910 and 1920, Joseph and family were living in Brecksville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio (next door to Joseph's parents in 1900).1637
Children of Joseph and Hattie (Whitehead) Breen from the 1900 and 1920 federal censuses:
(a) Albert M. Breen, born August 1894 in Ohio.
(b) Kenneth Breen, born circa 1902. Kenneth married Matilda [—?—]; born circa 1904. In 1930, Kenneth and Matilda were living in Brecksville, no children reported (page 11B).

Also with the family of Joseph S. Breen in 1920 was Nancy Whitehead, "aunt," single, born circa 1844.
  917 ii. Elmer C. Breen; born circa 1880 in Ohio; no additional information for Elmer.

441. ELIZABETH6 MAXWELL (Mary5 Williams, Elizabeth4 Maxwell, Mary3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 11 July 1807; died 23 August 1836; married, 19 October 1826 in Warren County, New Jersey,1638 CHARLES GREEN; born 10 October 1803 in Pennsylvania; died 5 December 1854.1639

Charles Green's parents were John and Rhoda (Howell) Green.1640 Charles was a brother of Richard and William Green, who married Elizabeth's first cousins, once removed, Sarah Sherrerd (#160) and Jane Sherrerd (#164). After Elizabeth died, Charles married Mary Latimore, born 22 January 1802 in Pennsylvania, died 27 April 1893.

In 1850, Charles and second wife Mary were living in Easton Borough, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, with Charles's child Mary Green by first wife Elizabeth and Charles's child Alice Green, by second wife Mary Green, born circa 1839.1641

Children of Charles and Elizabeth (Maxwell) Green:

  918 i. Elizabeth7 Deshler Green; born 10 October 1827 in New Jersey; married Alexander Weiss, born circa 1827 in Pennsylvania. In 1880, Alexander, Elizabeth and son Charles Green Weiss were living in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.1642
Children of Alexander and Elizabeth (Green) Weiss (all born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Charles Green Weiss, born 31 October 1848 (or December 1849); married Sallie A. Dawson, born 1853. In 1900, Charles was listed as a superintendent, furnaces.
One known child:
(i) Alexander D. Weiss, born March 1878, married Carrie [—?—], born June 1877. In 1900, Alexander and Sallie A. were living in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, where Alexander was listed as an uphosterer (census page 2B).
(b) Camillus Albert Weiss, born 2 November 1851, died 11 January 1882, married Minnie A. Dawson.
(c) Robert Fulton Weiss, born 1 June 1854, married Evy Fagan.
(d) Frederick Bogan Weiss, born 3 October 1856, died 4 August 1860.
(e) Thomas Weiss, born 28 August 1859; married Kate Estella McDonald; born December 1862 in either Pennsylvania or California. In 1900, Thomas, Kate and children were in Los Angeles, California (census page 18B), where Thomas was listed as a railroad engineer, roundhouse.
Children of Thomas and Kate (McDonald) Weiss known from this census (all born in California):
(i) Francis Weiss, born March 1883.
(ii) Jane Weiss, born November 1887.
(iii) Donald Weiss, born April 1890.
(iv) Catherine Weiss, born Sepetember 1895.
  919 ii. William Green; born 25 November 1829; died 19 December 1829.
  920 iii. Howell Green; born 17 November 1830 in New York state; died 25 October 1881; married Mary A. Brown; born circa 1834 in Pennsylvanaia. In 1870, the family was in Scranton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, with six (Robert, Anna, Sissy, William, Marie, and Charles) of their eleven children, where Howell was enumerated as a machinist (page 289).
Children of Howell and Mary (Brown) Green (all believed born in Pennsylvania):
(a) Elizabeth Deshler Green.
(b) Robert Fulton Green, born circa 1855, married Helen Shute.
(c) Annie Laurie Green, born circa 1857, married Joseph Griffith.
(d) Jessie Fremont Green, married Duncan McFarland;.
(e) Howell Green.
(f) William Green, born circa 1863, married Elizabeth Gibbs.
(g) Mary Maxwell Green, born circa 1866.
(h) Charles Green, born circa 1868.
(i) Eliza Jane Green.
(j) Alice Maud Green.
(k) Helen Louise Green.
  921 iv. Mary Maxwell Green; born 27 April 1833; died 18 April 1864; married William Daniel Brown.
They had child
(a) Charles Hyneman Brown, born 10 April 1862, married Harriet Lydia Graves.

442. MARY6 JANE MAXWELL (Mary5 Williams, Elizabeth4 Maxwell, Mary3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 3 November 1809; died 14 October 1864; married, 7 September 1831,1643 HUGH HORNER ABERNETHY; born 12 September 1808 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was a son of Samuel and Jane (Horner) Abernethy.

Dr. Abernethy, a graduate of the Medical University of Pennsylvania, practiced in Belvidere, New Jersey with Dr. Henry H. Southward (see #447). Dr. Hugh H. Abernethty then practiced in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he was suffering from cataracts in both eyes. He then removed to Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and continued to practice until completely blind. There is a biography of Hugh Horner Abernethy in James P Snell's History of Sussex and Warren County, New Jersey, (1881), page 37-39.1644

In 1850, the family was living in Easton, Pennsylvania, where Hugh was enumerated as a physician.1645 In 1870. Hugh, physician, widower, was in Jersey City, New Jersey with children. In 1880, Hugh, widower, physician, was back in Easton, with children William, Anna, and Louisa, apparently all unmarried. Also in the household was Altta Abernethy, "granddaughter," born circa 1862 in New Jersey.1646 She was probably Alletta Van Doren Abernethy, daughter of Hugh and Jane's son Maxwell Abernethy, born 19 August 1872 (instead of 1862). Probably the census date is wrong or I erred in transcribing it.

Children Hugh and Mary Jane (Maxwell) Abernethy:

  922 i. Robert7 Horner Abernethy; born 2 June 1832 in Pennsylvania; married (first) Emma Hibbler; married (second) Mary Fishler; born circa 1825 in New Jersey. In 1880, Robert, Mary and children were living in Easton, Pennsylvania, where Robert was enumerated as a grocer.
Children of Robert and wife/wives?:
(a) Mary M. Abernethy, born circa 1874 in New Jersey.
(b) Elizabeth R. Abernethy, born circa 1877 in New Jersey,1647
  923 ii. Maxwell Abernethy; born 5 October 1834; married Catherine Dunham Van Doren. In 1880, Maxwell, widower, was living in Jersey, City, New Jersey, where he was enumerated as a druggist.1648 Also in the household in 1880 were Samuel Abernethy, brother of Maxwell, and Mary Opdycke, sister of Maxwell, and Mary's children Edward, Charles, Harry, Howard and Lyman Opdycke. In 1910, Maxwell and umarried daughtet Alletta were living with Maxwell's sister Anna in Jersey City.
Child of Maxwell and Catherine (Van Doren) Abernethy:
(a) Alletta Van Doren Abernethy, born 19 August 1872. She was living with her Abernethy grandparents in 1880 (see above). In 1910 Alletta, single, and her father were living with Maxwell's sister Anna in Jersey City.
  924 iii. Mary Jane Abernethy; born 27 December 1836; married Washington Opdycke; deceased by the time of the 1880 federal census. In 1880, Mary, widow, and her children were living in the household of her brother Maxwell Abernethy in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Children of Washington and Mary Jane (Abernethy) Opdycke:
(a) William Maxwell Opdycke, born 27 June 1858.
(b) Edward Hugh Opdycke, born 6 April 1862, married Susan McKnight.
(c) Charles Aitken Opdycke, born 27 April 1864, married Cora E. Brown.
(d) Harry Gordon Opdycke, born 23 December 1870, married Ida Louise Stryker.
(e) Howard L. Opdycke, born 16 September 1873, died 14 October 1891.
(f) Lyman Hall Opdycke, born 20 June 1876.
  925 iv. Anna Abernethy; born 5 November 1838. Anna did not marry. In 1910, Anna, single and head of household, was living in Jersey City, Ward 8, Hudson County, New Jersey (page 15A). Also in the household were her sister Louisa Abernethy, her brothers William and Maxwell Abernethy and Maxwell's daughter Alletta Abernethy; all listed as having their own income.
  926 v. Samuel Abernethy; born 3 December 1840; married Annie E. DeWitt. In 1880, Samuel was living in the household of his brother Maxwell Abernethy in Camden, New Jersey, where he was enumerated as a clerk. His wife was probably deceased by this time.
Their children;
(a) Hugh DeWitt Abernethy, born 12 December 1870-in 1880, Hugh D. Abernethy was living in Lopatcong Township, Warren County, New Jersey, with his grandfather, Barnett DeWitt, born circa 1805 in New Jersey, a retired farmer;1649
(b) Samuel; M. Abernethy, born 16 February 1875, died 15 May 1878.
  927 vi. Hugh Horner Abernethy (Jr.); born 10 January 1843; died 8 October 1902 in Jersey City, New Jersey; married Anna Winter Brakeley; died 12 April 1913 in Jersey City; daughter of George and Henrietta (Winter) Brakeley. In 1880, Hugh, Annie, and children Florence and S. Nettie, were living in Jersey City, New Jersey, where Hugh was enumerated as a coal agent.1650

Besides Hugh's business interests, Hugh was active in Republican politics and was a Colonel in the New Jersey National Guard.

Gen. Hugh H. Abernethy died at his home, 118 Mercer Street, Jersey City, yesterday . . . In 1867 he removed to Jersey City, where he became Superintendent of the Communipaw Coal Company, which position he held until his death. He was an active Republican, and held several public offices. He became Colonel of the Fourth Regiment, National Guard of New Jersey, in 1892, and resigned in 1896. He was retired with the rank of Brigadier General by brevet. He is survived by a widow and two daughters.—Extracted from his obituary: New York Times, 9 October 1902; online in "Historical Newspapers" of

Children of Hugh and Ann (Brakeley) Abernethy (both born in New Jersey):
(a) Florence M. Abernethy, born 12 August 1872.
(b) Henrietta (Nettie and Netta) Brakeley Abernethy, born 27 February 1874; married, 7 June 1899, Frederic Knapp Fish, Jr.; born 31 October 1875 in Plainfield, Union County, New Jersey.
  928 vii. William Abernethy; born 18 March 1845; died between 1910 and 1920; married Alice F. DeWitt. In 1910, William, divorced, was living in the household of his sister Anna Abernety. Alice, in 1910, was living with her brother Oliver Cromwell DeWitt in Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania (page 1B). By 1920, William had died. Alice was still living with her brother Oliver in Easton, Pennsylvania (page 18B).
  929 viii. Elizabeth Green Abernethy; born 19 August 1846; died 21 April 1848: "[2 May 1848] At Easton on 22dult., Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. H. H. Abernethy, age 18 months."1651
  930 ix. Henry Maxwell Abernethy; born 13 March 1851; married Louisa Arnetta Hunt. In 1900, Henry, Louisa and family were living in Yonkers, Ward 3, Westchester,
Their children (all born in New York state?):
(a) Nellie Arnetta Abernethy, born 14 November 1878.
(b) May Harriet Abernethy; born May 1886.
(c) Louisa Maxwell Abernethy, born 2 August 1887.
  931 x. Louisa Maxwell Abernethy; born 21 July 1856. If dates are accurate, Louisa's mother would have been circa age 47 when Louisa was born. In 1910, Louisa, single was living with her sister Anna in Jersey City.

479. GEORGE6 MAXWELL ROBESON (Anna5 Marie Maxwell George4 Clifford Maxwell, Mary3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 16 March 1829 at Oxford Furnace, New Jersey; died in Trenton, New Jersey, 27 September 1897;1652 buried in Belvidere Cemetery (there is an online photograph of his grave),1653 Belvidere, Warren County, New Jersey; married MARY ISABELLA (OGSTON) AULICK.

George Robeson was a Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War; State Attorney General, 1867-1869; U. S. Secretary of Navy, 1869-1877; a candidate for the U. S. Senate from New Jersey in 1877 (defeated) and 1881 (defeated); and a member of the U. S. House of Representative from New Jersey, 1st District, 1879-1883.1654

George Robeson served two terms as Secretary of the Navy under President Ulysses S. Grant. As senior Navy official he supported and was directly responsible for the first United States Navy expedition to the North Pole by USS Polaris, 1871-1873. The expedition was a failure; and, although only the captain of the Polaris did not survive (apparently murdered by arsenic poisoning, as determined nearly 100 years later), it was Robeson's responsible to chair the board of inquiry into the compelling events of this fiasco. Robeson's Channel, which separates the northern part of Ellesmere Island from northern Greenland, was named for George Robeson by the ill-fated Captain of the USS Polaris, Charles Francis Hall. A fascinating account of the Polaris expedition, but with a not very flattering one-paragraph biography of our George Maxwell Robeson, is Fatal North, by Bruce Henderson, 2001, New American Library (a division of Penguin Books), New York, 306 pages.

In 1850, George was living with his parents in Warren County, New Jersey, where he was enumerated as a lawyer. In 1880, George, Mary, and daughter Ethel were living in Camden County, New Jersey, in the household of Joseph M. and Emily Price.1655 Emily was a sister of George Maxwell Robeson, see #479.
Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949 Biographies, page 1747
ROBESON, George Maxwell (nephew of George Clifford Maxwell), a Representative from New Jersey; born at Oxford Furnace, near Belvidere, Warren County, N.J., March 16, 1829; pursued an academic course and was graduated from Princeton College in 1847; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1850 and practiced in Newark and subsequently in Camden; appointed prosecuting attorney for Camden County in 1858; was active in organizing the State troops for service in the Civil War and was commissioned brigadier general by Governor Parker; elected attorney general of New Jersey in 1867 and served until his resignation June 22, 1869; appointed Secretary of the Navy in the Cabinet of President Grant and served from June 25, 1869, to March 12, 1877; resumed the practice of law in Camden, N.J.; elected as a Republican to the Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh Congresses (March 4, 1879-March 3, 1883); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1882 to the Forty-eighth Congress; resumed the practice of law in Trenton, N.J., where he died September 27, 1897; interment in Belvidere Cemetery, Belvidere, N.J.

Known child of George and Mary (Aulick) Robeson:

  932 i. Ethel7 Maxwell Robeson;1656 born circa 1874 in Washington D. C.
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 10 page 77
Miss Ethel Maxwell Robeson. DAR ID Number: 9204 Born in Washington, D. C. Descendant of Capt. John Maxwell, of New Jersey. Daughter of Hon. George Maxwell Robeson and Mary Isabel Ogston (Aulick), his wife. Granddaughter of William P. Robeson and Anna Maria Maxwell, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of George Clifford Maxwell and Rachel Bryan, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Maxwell and Mary Anna Clifford, his wife. John Maxwell, who was born in Ireland, entered the service as lieutenant of Sussex county volunteers. He was captain of a company of the ?Jersey Line,? commanded by his brother William, and was engaged at Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and Springfield. He died in 1828, at the age of eighty-nine.

485. HENRY6 D. MAXWELL (Henry5 Dusenbery Maxwell, William4 Maxwell, Mary3 Clifford, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 3 August 1862 in Pennsylvania; married MARY ELIZABETH MCCLELLAND; born circa 1866 in Pennsylvania;1657 she was deceased by the time of the 1920 federal census.

Henry D. Maxwell was author of The Maxwell Family. Descendants of John and Ann Maxwell. 1701-1894, which is cited frequently in the text, see "References" for more information.

Henry was a lawyer. In 1910, Henry, Mary E. and family were in Easton, Northhampton County, PennsylvaniaIn. 1920, Henry D., widower, lawyer, was head of household in Easton, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, with his son Henry D. Maxwell Jr.1658 In 1930, Henry D., still listed as a lawyer, general practice, was living by himself in Easton, Pennsylvania.1659

Known children of Henry D. and Mary Elizabeth (McClelland) Maxwell:

  933 i. Elizabeth7 Fermstone Maxwell; born 5 March 1889 in Easton, Pennsylvania; married Henry Guerant Ellett. Elizabeth Fermstone (Maxwell) Ellett's linage is in The National Society of the DAR, volume 82, page 20.
  934 ii. Robert Lee Maxwell; born 6 March 1893; died 23 September 1894.1660
  935 iii. Henry D. Maxwell, Jr.; born 28 September 1895 in Pennsylvania; married Emily B. [-?-]; born 12 May 1899 in Pennsylvania; died November 1970.1661 In 1920, when Henry (Jr.) was living with his father in Easton, Pennsylvania, he was listed as a mechanical engineer; in 1930, still in Easton, he was enumerated as a contractor of highways.1662
Child of Henry, Jr., and Emily listed in the 1930 federal census:
(a) Emily P. Maxwell, born circa 1927 in Pennsylvania.

498. NATHANIEL6 WILSON HAYES (Rachel5 Newell, Margaret4 Mary Clifford, James3, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 8 March 1819 in Jackson County, Ohio; died 22 July 1899 in Colorado; married (first), 26 December 1837, SALLY DETTY; born 1821; married (second), 27 June 1847, RUTH CLARK; married (third), 20 October 1856, DEBORAH TYRELL; born 1819; died 28 November 1908.1663

Census records reporting where Nathaniel's children were born (and assuming his wives were with him when the children were born) suggest that Nathaniel moved from Ohio sometime after 1842. He was in Iowa from at least 1854 to 1871; in Kansas in 1872; back in Iowa in 1876; in Nebraska in 1876; and back in Kansas in 1880. He was reported to have died in Colorado.1664

Known children of Nathaniel and first wife Sally (Detty) Hayes:

  936 i. William7 A. Hayes; born circa 1840 in Ohio; married Susan J. [-?-]; born circa 1845 in Indiana.
Their children:
(a) Emmaline Hayes, born circa 1862 in Iowa.
(b) Ida Hayes, born circa 1863 in Iowa.
(c) Isaac B. Hayes, born circa 1864 in Iowa.
(d) Harrison Hayes.
(e), (—?—) born circa 1867 in Iowa.
(f) ?Dolpha (male) Hayes, born circa 1870 in Iowa.
(g) Nathaniel Hayes, born circa 1872 in Kansas.
(h) John Hayes, born circa 1874 in Kansas.
(i) George Hayes, born circa 1877 in Kansas.
(j) Eva Hayes, born 1880 in Kansas.1665
  937 ii. Isaac Benton Hayes; born 15 October 1842 in Jackson County, Ohio; died 28 March 1906; married (first), 22 June 1865, Sarah Ann Williams; married (second), 2 January 1898, Mary E. Harper; married (third), 7 August 1903, Martha A. McClain.
Known children of Isaac and first wife Sarah Ann (Williams) Hayes:
(a) Samuel W. Hayes, born circa 1867 in Iowa.
(b) Dora M Hayes, born circa 1868 in Iowa.
(c) Lucy Hayes, born circa 1873 in Iowa.
(d) Elizabeth A. Hayes, born circa 1875 in Kansas.
(e) William L Hayes, born circa 1878 in Kansas.
(f) Thomas B. Hayes, born circa 1880 in Kansas.
(g) Hattie G. Hayes; born September 1882 in Kansas. 1666

Leon Wood, who provided information on Rachel Newell and descendants, descends from Isaac Benton Hayes, see Acknowledgments.
  938 iii. Sarah Hayes.
  939 iv. Nancy Hayes; married, 1865, Chelis Smith: born circa 1846 in Indiana. In 1880, the family was living in White Rock Township, Republic County, Kansas, where Chelis was farming (census page 23). In 1910, Chelis and Nancy A. were living by themselves in Stockville, Frontier County, Nebraska (page 1B).
Their children:
(a) Calvin O. Smith; born circa 1867 in Indiana.
(b) Minnie M. Smith; born circa 1870 in Indiana.
(c) Rachel M. Smith; born circa 1873 in Indiana.
(d) Allen B. Smith; born circa 1877 in Indiana.
(e) Alfred Smith.
(f) Lewis Smith.
(g) Charles Smith.1667

Known child of Nathaniel and second wife Ruth (Clark) Hayes:

  940 v. John Hayes; born circa 1854 in Iowa.1668

Known children of Nathaniel and third wife Deborah (Tyrell) Hayes:1669

  941 vi. Etta Hayes; born circa 1864 in Iowa.
  942 vii. Lucy Hayes; born circa 1869 in Iowa.
  943 viii. Nathaniel Hayes; born circa 1871 in Iowa.
  944 ix. Adaline Hayes; born circa 1872 in Kansas.
  945 x. Ella Hayes; born circa 1876 in Iowa.
  946 xi. ?Frances Hayes; born circa 1878 in Nebraska.

505. RICHARD6 WINFIELD SCOTT MULLIN (William5 White Mullin, Mary4 Clifford, James3, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 6 August 1848 in Flats, (?Hancock County), Virginia (present-day West Virginia); died 27 October 1924 in Hardy County, West Virginia; married HANNAH CATHERINE MUMBERT, born November 1848.1670

In 1880, Richard, as R. W. S. Mooreland, (usually called Scott) and family were living in the Moorefield district of Hardy County, West Virginia.1671 Also living with the family in 1880 was Amelia (Millie) Mooreland, age 63, mother of Richard. They were living next door to Richard's uncle John Clifford Butler Mullin (#193). Richard, a farmer, and all children were enumerated as "Mooreland." It was sometime after the 1880 census that the name was changed to Mullin-until then Mooreland was used. 1672 1673 In 1930, Hannah, widow, was living with her son Taylor Mullin and his family.

Children of Richard and Hannah (Mumbert) Mullin:

  947 i. William7 Taylor Mullin; born 1870 in West Virginia; married Mary J. [—?—]; born circa 1878 in West Virginia. William Taylor Mullin was a farmer. In 1910, the family was in Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia (page 18A). By 1930, the family had moved to Springfield Township, Hampshire County, West Virginia (page 9B).
Children of Taylor and Mary J. Mullin known from the federal censuses (all born in West Virginia, except Julia):
(a) Ethel Mullin; born circa 1895.
(b) Blanche Mullin; born circa 1897.
(c) Stella Mullin; born circa 1898.
(d) Raymond L.Mullin; born circa 1901; married Elaine K. [—?—]; born circa 1907 in West Virginia. In 1930, the family was living with Raymond's parents in Springfield Township, Hampshire County, West Virginia, where Raymond was enumerated as doing odd jobs.
Child of Raymond and Elaine Mullin known from the 1930 federal census (all born in West Virginia):
(i) Donald L. Mullin; born (private).
(e) Lillian Mullin; born circa 1904.
(f) Winfred Mullin; born circa 1907.
(g) Myrtle Mullin; born circa 1909.
(h) John W. Mullin; born circa 1912.
(i) Julia V. Mullin; born circa 1912 or 1920? in ?Maryland.

Also in the family in 1930 were grandchidren Catherine Nixon, born (private) in West Virginia; Robert W. Nixon, born (private) in Maryland; Wayne D. Nixon, born (private) in Maryland; Virginia Nixon, born (private) in West Virginia; and Dorothy Nixon, born (private) in West Virginia.
  948 ii. George Washington Mullin; born 4 May 1873 (specific date according to his World War I Draft Registration Card) in Moorefield, Hardy County ; died 1920; married Emily Laura Brafford; born 6 June 1885; died 1954. In 1910, the family was living in Moorefield, Hardy County, West Virginia, where George W. was farming (page 18B).
Children of George and Emily Laura (Brafford) Mullin known from the 1910 federal census (all born in West Virgiinian):
(a) Adrian Mullin; born circa 1904.
(b) Ruth Mullin; born circa 1905.
(c) Bessie Mullin; born circa 1907.
(d) Campbell Mullin; born circa 1908
Another child was
(e) Emma Pearl Mullin, who married James Franklin White.
One of James and Emma's daughters was
(i) Linda (White) Elsea. Linda provided most of the information on William White Mullin's family as well as information on other children of John and Mary (Clifford) Mullin (see end notes and Acknowledgments). Linda also sent me copies of pertinent genealogical pages of the Mullin family bible.
  949 iii. Harry Lee Mullin; born July 1879; married Lula Eleanor Myers; born 1883; died 19 December 1973. In 1910, Harry, Lula and daughter Viola were living near Harry's brother George W. Mullin in Moorefield, Hardy County, where Harry was farming.
Child of Harry and Lula (Myers) Mullin known from the 1910 federal census:
(a) Viola Mullin; born circa 1907 in West Virginia.
  950 iv. John S. Mullin; born November 1881.
  951 v. William Taylor (again?) Mullin; born 14 February 1883; died September 1942. Possibly the William Taylor who was born in 1870 had died and they named another son William?

510. EMMA6 CHAPLIN TAYLOR WADDLE (Mary5 Jane Mullin, Mary4 Clifford, James3, George2, unknown Clifford1); born 31 July 1845; died 18 November 1898; married, 12 November 1867,1674 ISAAC PARSONS; born 1 December 1838, died 11 September 1891. In 1880, Isaac, Emma and family were living in Springfield Township, Hampshire County, West Virginia.1675

Known children of Isaac and Emma (Waddle) Parsons:

  952 i. Mary7 (Margaret?) Kate Parsons;1676 born 1869 in West Virginia; died 1956; married Malcomb Gerstell Harmison; born 15 March 1867; died 12 August 1937. Malcolm was a farmer; the family lived in Romney Township, Hampshire County in 1900-1920. In 1930, Malcolm and Kate had moved to Center City, Sumter County, Florida, where Malcolm was enumerated as a farm overseer (page 1A).
Their children:
(a) Robert W. Harmison, born 27 February 1892, died November 1971,1677 married Jane Smith; born circa 1900 in Florida. In 1930, Robert and Jane, no children reported, were living in Tucson, Arizona; where Jane was listed as a rural school teacher; no occupation reported for Robert (page 1A).
(b) Emma W. Harmison, born 12 March 1894 in West Virginia, died 12 May 1942, married Jerry Smith Beville; born circa 1889 in Georgia. In 1920 (page 1A) and 1930 (page 5A), the family lived in Center City, Florida, where Jerry was enumerated as a produce broker.
Children of Jerry and Emma (Harmison) Beville known from the federal censuses:
(i) Amos Beville; born (private) in Georgia.
(ii) Mary Jane Beville; born (private) in Florida.
(c) Phillip Cook Harmison, born 21 February 1896, died 31 October 1987 in Hialeah, Dade County, Florida,1678 married Genevieve Lee; born circa 1903 in West Virginia. In 1930, the family lived in Junior, Barbour County, West Virginia; where Philip was listed as a travelling salesman (page 5A).
Children of Phillip and Genevieve (Lee) Harmison known from the 1930 federal census (both born in West Virginia):
(I) Robert Lee Harmison; born (private).
(ii) Phyllis Harmison; born (private).
  953 ii. Julius C. Parsons; born circa 1871 in West Virginia.1679
  954 iii. Isaac B.Parsons; born September 1872 in West Virginia. Isaac apparently did not marry. He was a farmer. In 1900, Isaac, head of household, was living in Springfield, Hampshire County, West Virginia (page 8B) with sisters Maude, Susan and Alice. In 1910, Isaac, Susan and Alice were still in Springfield (page 12 B); and in 1930, Isaac and Susan were in Springfield (page 11B).
  955 iv. Maude W. or P. Parsons;1680 born 14 February 1875; died 17 June 1942; married George Brackett, Sr., born circa 1875 in Pennsylvania. In 1900, Maude, single, was living with her brother Isaac and sisters Susan and Alice in Springfield, Hampshire County, West Virginia (page 8B). In 1910, George, Maude and family were living in Court House, Taylor County, West Virginia, where George was Superintendent of Maryland Coal Company (page 3B). In 1920 and 1930, George, Maude and family lived in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia where George was Manager of a coal company in 1920 (page 12A) and a mining engineer in 1930 (page 2A).
Children of George and Maude (Parsons) Brackett:
(a) Alice S. Brackett; born circa 1903 in Maryland.
(b) Dorothy W. Brackett; born circa 1907 in West Virginia.
(c) Carolyn Brackett; born circa 1912 in West Virginia.
(d) George Brackett, Jr., born 2 June 1913 in West Virginia; his son David Brackett, born (private),provided information on Mullins, Cliffords and Whites—see "Acknowledgments."
(e) Isaac Brackett; born (private), in West Virginia.
  NN v. Susan B. Parsons; born February 1880 in West Virginia. In 1900, 1910, and 1920, Susan, single, was living with her brother Isaac.
  NN vi. Alice H. Parsons; born December 1883 in West Virginia. In 1900 and 1910, Alice, single, was living with her brother Isaac.

535. JANE6 CLIFFORD (Robert5, Edward4, Charles3, James2, unknown Clifford1); born 4 December 1812; died 6 March 1849;1681 on 11 December 1834, she married SAMUEL LEVESQUE;1682 born 7 November 1809; died 2 December 1872; buried in Rocky Springs Cemetery, Harrison County, Kentucky.1683 Jane died the same year that her last child, Alexander, was born. After Jane died, her sister Sarah Clifford married Samuel Levesque. Ben Keairns (Florence, Kentucky) reported that the name is "Lavesque" on the tombstones of the females; whereas it is "Levesque" on the stones of the males.

Samuel Levesque was the youngest of nine children of Samuel Levesque (circa 1770-1838) and Mary (Curl) Levesque (19 November 1772-?). Other children were Robert, Sary, Susannah, Elizabeth (married John Powers), Polly, Rachel, Jane (married John Miller), and Adaline (married Ellis McKey/McKay). Samuel (Sr.) and Mary (Curl) Levesque came to Bourbon County, Kentucky, from Shenandoah County, Virginia in about 1803.1684

In 1860, Samuel and second wife Sarah (Clifford) Levesque were living in the Cynthiana, Kentucky, area, with the children of both Sarah and Samuel's first wife, Jane (Clifford) Levesque.1685

Children of Samuel and Jane (Clifford) Levesque:1686

  956 i. Nancy7 Levesque; born circa 1836.
  957 ii. Robert A. C. Levesque; born 1 January 1838; died 18 January 1869; buried in Rocky Springs Cemetery, Harrison County, Kentucky;1687 married Permelia Berry; born 22 October 1842; died 14 October 1861; buried in Rocky Springs Cemetery.
One child of Robert and Permelia (Berry) Levesque was
(a) Mollie Levesque, born 4 October 1861; died 26 March 1862; buried in Rocky Springs Cemetery. If dates are correct, Molly's mother died 10 days after giving birth to Molly.
  958 deleted.
  959 iii. Mary Adaline Levesque; born 30 January 1840 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 27 August 1878 (of tuberculosis) in Harrison County, Kentucky; married William S. Renaker; born 8 Apr 1842 in Harrison Co., Kentucky; died 12 Sep 1891 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky. He was a son of Paul and Catherine (Boyer) Renaker. Both Mary A. and William are buried in Battle Grove Cemetery, Harrison County, Kentucky. After Mary A. died, William married Rosie Quinn of Ralls County, Missiouri; she was a cousin of Mary Adaline Levesque. William and Rosie had child Ada (possibly Adaline) Renaker, born1881, died after 1949.1687b
Children of William and Mary Adaline (Levesque) Renaker:
(a) Mattie Renaker; born 2 September 1864 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 30 September 1927 in Harrison County; married Berthel Fields; born 1869 in Kentucky; died after 1912.
(b) William Paul Renaker; born 1866 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 19 February 1937 in Fayette County, Kentucky; married Verona B. Craig; born 1880 in Kentucky; died after 1920 In 1920, Berthel and Mattie were living by themselves in Cynthiana, Harrison County (page 7B).
(c) Jennie K. Renaker; born 1869, Harrison County, Kentucky; died 1871, Harrison County.
(d) Marietta (Etta) Renaker; born 7 January 1872; died 29 September 1959; married, December 1890, Chester Rawlins Smith; born October 1863 in Ohio; died 17 December 1912 in Kentucky. Chester was a son of Oliver and Sylvesta (Ryan) Smith.
Chester and Marietta had child:
(i) Oliver Wolcott Smith II; born 25 September 1891 in Connersville, Harrison County, Kentucky; died 8 January 1925 in Olmsted, Minnesota; married Louise (Cooke) Smith; born 22 February 1890 in Athens, Tennessee; died 11 October 1946 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas; she was a daughter of Vaneverie and Emma (Henderson) Smith.
(e) Robert Alex Renaker; born 2 November 1873 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 26 November 1937 in Harrison County, Kentucky; married Gertrude Craig; born 10 February 1875 in Kentucky; died 23 February 1933 in Kentucky. In 1900, Alex, Gertrude and daughter Lillian were living in Connersville Precinct, Harrison County, where Alex was farming (census page 2B).
Child of Alex and Gertrude (Craig) Renaker known from the 1900 federal census:
(i) Lillian G. Renaker; born circa 1898 in Kentucky.
(f) Anna Renaker; born 1876 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 28 April 1922 in Fayette County, Kentucky; married Charles L. Jennings; born 1883 in Kentucky; died 9 February 1947. In 1920 Charles, Anna and family were living in Hebbardsville, Henderson County, Kentucky, where Charles was farming (page 10B).
Children of Charles and Anna (Renaker) Jennings known from the 1920 federal census (all born in Kentucky):
(i) Virgil T. Jennings; born circa 1904.
(ii) Artis W. Jennings; born circa 1906.
(iii) Reula M. Jennings (daughter); born circa 1812.
  960 iv. Sarah Levesque; born 6 September 1841 in Kentucky; died 20 November 1914 in Medford, Jackson County, Oregon; married, 29 October 1874 in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, John Frank Wolverton. In 1880, the family was living in Washington Township, Decatur County, Indiana.1688
Children of Frank and Sarah (Levesque) Wolverton::
(a) Harriet Wolverton, born 4 May 1878 in Indiana.
(b) Clarence A. Wolverton, born 15 November 1879 in Decatur County, Indiana.
(c) Adaline Wolverton, born 16 August 1884 in Decatur County, Indiana.1689
  961 v. Virginia Levesque; born circa 1844.
  962 vi. James Levesque; born circa 1847.
  963 vii. Alexander Levesque; born 24 February 1848 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died 25 July 1928 in Harrison County (Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953). Apparently Alexander did not marry. In 1870, Alexander, single, age 21, was living in Cynthiana, Kentucky, in the household of Harry Frirbie. Alexander was enumerated as a laborer on the railroad. In 1920, Alexander, single, brother-in-law, was living with May Levesque; born circa 1864 in Kentucky, in Tricum District, Kentucky, where he was enumerated as a farmer. I can not place May Levesque as a wife of one of Samuel and Jane's sons.1690

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