Bride and Groom t-shirts, sweatshirts (and even underwear!) allow you to have fun while planning your wedding, and savor the memories for years afterwards!

Don't see what you want? Want custom apparel with your names, wedding date, or initials? Want customized gear for your entire bridal party -- in your wedding colors? We can accommodate just about any request -- with almost no extra cost! Just e-mail us for a custom quote!

Bride Apparel and Accessories

Bride fitted T 

Bride Raglan 

Bride Baby-Doll T-Shirt 

Bride Fitted T-shirt

Bride Raglan

Bride Baby-doll T-shirt


Available in pink, baby blue, or black.

Bride T-shirt 

Bride Spaghetti Tank 

 Bride T-Shirt

Bride Spaghetti Tank

Bride Camisole

Bride Just Married Thong Bride's Journal Bride Tote Bag

Bride Spaghetti Tank Bride Camisole Something Blue Thong
From the 
"Something Blue" line
From the 
"Something Blue" line
From the 
"Something Blue" line


Groom Apparel and Accessories

Bride fitted T 



Groom Baseball Shirt

Groom Ash Grey T-shirt

Groom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Available in red, black, or blue



Groom Just Married Hooded Sweatshirt

Groom Just Married Sweatshirt

Groom Boxer Shorts

Groom Cap


Wedding Favors

Coaster Kit

Soap Making Kit

Martha Stewart Crafts - Velvet Birds Kit 

Coaster kit

Soap-making kit

Velvet birds kit

Make your own coaster favors


Make your own soap favors

Make your own velvet bird favors


Martha Stewart's LIP BALM KIT

Sachet Kit
Silver monogram for boxes and stickers

Lib balm kit

Sachet kit

Make your own lip balm favors Make your own sachet favors

Wedding Gifts and Fun Things

Mother-of-Pearl Frames

Silver Cufflinks

Oval Ribbon Mirror

Mother-of-pearl frames Silver cufflinks Oval ribbon mirror

Customized "Just Married" decals that won't damage your car or limo.


Recommended Magazines:

Modern Bride

Hawaii Bride & Groom

Bridal Guide

Modern Bride

Hawaii Bride & Groom

Bridal Guide

Modern Bride Magazine is the bridal magazine that features fashion advice and options, answers all your questions about planning memorable weddings and articles on etiquette, home decorating, entertaining, the honeymoon, and the marriage relationships.


Hawaii Bride & Groom Magazine provides brides-to-be with detailed planning information for their special day, and is edited both for a local audience as well as the increasingly popular Destination Hawaii Wedding market.

Bridal Guide Magazine is published for the contemporary bride-to-be to ensure a successful wedding day. Topics include wedding fashions, etiquette, decorating and honeymoon travel as well as relationships, marriage and sex.

Brides & Setting Up Home


Brides & Setting Up Home


Brides & Setting Up Home Magazine is the leading bridal magazine in England.This magazine features everything for the bride-to-be... in the best English tradition!

Brides Magazine is for the bride-to-be: everything to ensure a successful wedding! Bridal fashions, etiquette, honeymoon plans, and what to expect.


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* Official New Bride Name Change Kit -- a consolidated, easy-to-use kit for the new bride, customized to bride's state and zip code. The kit contains all required government forms, personal record change forms, instruction guide and checklist to help the new bride change from her maiden name to her new married name.