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Small Scale Beekeeping
by Curtis Gentry

Table of contents

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1 Bees and Humans
Bee-killing, Bee-having, Beekeeping;
Why Develop Beekeeping?

2 Project Planning
Beekeeping as an Integrated Activity;
Beekeeping as an Educational Activity;
Beekeeping as a Cooperative Activity.

3 Bee Basics
Types of Bees; Climate and Beekeeping;
Life Cycle of the Honey Bee; The Castes;
Resource Needs of the Colony;
Swarming, Supersedure, and Absconding.

4 The Essence of Beekeeping
Management Schemes.

5 The Bee Space and Beehives
The Bee Space; Types of Hives.

6 Intermediate Technology Beekeeping
Why?; Some Considerations before Starting;
Getting Started - The Hives;
Getting Started - The Apiary;
Getting Started - Equipment;
Getting Started - Bees;
Management Practices.

7 High-tech Beekeeping
inputs and Possibilities;
Problems in Small-scale Development.

8 Hive Products
Honey; Beeswax; Pollen; Bee Brood; others.

9 Diseases, Pests, and Insecticides

A Resources and Bibliography
B Hive Plans
C Equipment Plans
D Uses for Beeswax
E Making an Artificial Swarm
F Honey Bee Anatomy
Small Scale Beekeeping-- Table of Contents
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