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Cooper & Associates provides personality assessment, workshops and personal coaching using the ABC model of personality.  This model was developed using the theories of Carl Jung, Max Luscher and William Glasser.  The ABCs of the model stand for the three dimensions of personality which are; Affect, Behaviour and Cognition.


Our personality assessment service uses the Omega Profiling System which is based on the ABC model of personality.  It is a unique personality test because it is the only personality test that uses three dimensions of personality.   Most personality tests are one dimensional.  Three dimensional tests are far more accurate than one or two dimensional tests.


Our workshops are fun filled sessions where participants will learn who they are from the perspective of the ABC model of personality.  We use this model to explain personality and how to use this understanding to strengthen your relationships with others.


For those who prefer one-on-one help we provide personal coaching.  Coaching starts with an initial personality assessment using the Omega Profiling System.  We have found that using an objective measure of personality is much more effective than coaching without this initial assessment.


Our clients range from: CEOs to couples to organizations both private and non-profit.


There is no charge for the initial consultation.


Cooper & Associates