Past Events

Dr. Donald Chittick

Donald Chittick is a highly effective and experienced speaker on the topics of origins and Earth history, with a special interest in the first eleven chapters of Genesis.
Saturday, September 26, 7:00pm The Bible, Science and Reality
Sea Island United Church
8711 Cambie Rd, Richmond
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Sunday, September 27, 6:30pm The Puzzle of Ancient Man
Cloverdale Baptist Church
18685 - 64th Ave, Surrey
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Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution!

by Dr. Jobe Martin

Originally a proponent of Darwinian evolution, Dr. Jobe Martin researched creation and evolution after some of his Baylor College students challenged him to prove to them that evolution was a correct, complete and accurate explanation for the origin of the earth and all of its abundance of unique life forms.

Jobe Martin has spent the last twenty years studying the topic of Biblical Creation vs. Evolution, and frequently lectures on the remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution!

Friday, April 24, 7:00pm Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution
Newton Fellowship Church
7328 144 St, Surrey
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Creation Apologetics

by Mike Riddle

Mike Riddle is a full-time apologetics speaker with Answers in Genesis. He holds a degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in education. Mike is a dynamic and passionate speaker, proclaiming the creation/gospel message to audiences for more than twenty five years. His primary passion is to train the trainers -- the teachers and pastors -- to be able to defend the Christian faith, and then have them teach others!
Thursday Feb 12, 7:00pm Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?
Westminster Bible Chapel
7540 6th Street
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Friday Feb 13, 7:00pm Creation Apologetics: Answering the Challenges
Faith Lutheran Church
7086 124th Street
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Creation is Relevant!

by Greg Rutherford

Mathematics and Physics Instructor, Okanagan College

Greg's passion for science began in early childhood and has continued throughout his life. He received a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with a major in physics and chemistry. A creation seminar with Ken Ham and Dr. John Morris proved to be a turning point in his life. The information in the presentation provided an intellectually satisfying link between what he learned in the sciences and what he knew to be true in his Christian faith.

Friday November 7, 7:30pm Astronomy and the Bible
Free Presbyterian Church
18790 58 Ave, Surrey
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by Dr. Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology from Kansas State University. He performed genetic research and taught microbiology and genetics at Mississippi State University. Dr. Anderson has published numerous research articles in various scientific journals, such as the Journal of Applied Microbiology, Anaerobe, and the Journal of Microbiology.

Friday September 26, 7:00pm The Master Magician
Cloverdale Baptist Church
18685 64th Avenue, Surrey
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Saturday September 27, 7:30pm A Creationist Perspective on the Human Genome
University of the Fraser Valley (Room B-101)
33844 King Road, Abbotsford
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