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New!  From Answers in Genesis
Wieland/Willis Debate
Aliens, UFO's, and the Bible
Hubble-Bubble, Big Bang in Trouble
In The Beginning Was Information
Mammoth an the Ice Age
Chemical to Living Cell
A is for Adam (The Gospel from Genesis) (Answers in Genesis) -Children 21 min.

 Creation 2003 Conference Answers in Genesis Biology Set (5 Parts)
-Did Neanderthals Sod Modern Humans Share a Common Gene Pool? (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 50 m.
-The Hearing Ear (and the Seeing Eye) (Dr. David Menton) 74 min.
-The Intricacies of Flight (Dr. Andy McIntosh) 60 min.
-'JUNK' DNA Is Not Junk (Dr. David A. DeWitt) 56 min.
-LUCY, She's No Lady! (A Critique by Dr. David Menton) 58 min.

Relevance Set (10 parts)
-The Challenges of a Multiethnic Ministry (Dr. Charles Ware) 72 min.
-Genesis, Babel & The Chinese Language (Dr. Andy McIntosh) 55 min.
-Genesis: The Key to Reclaiming the Culture (Ken Ham) 80 min.
-Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the SCOPES TRIAL (Dr. David Menton) 74 min.
-Reconciliation Rooted in Redemption and Guided by Revelation (Dr. A. Charles Ware) 65 m.
-The Relevance of Physics, Cosmology & Astronomy for Young-Earth Creation (Dr. Keith Wanser) 70 m.
-six Days & The Eisegesis Problem (Ken Ham) 75 min. :
-What the GENESIS TEXT Really Says About Creation (Dr. Douglas Kelly) 73 min.
-What the NEW TESTAMENT Really Says About Creation (Dr. Douglas Kelly) 77 min.
-Why Won't They Listen? Reaching a LOST culture (Ken Ham) 70 min.

Geology Set (11 parts)
-Radioisotopes & the AGE of the EARTH (Dr. Steven Austin) 38 min.
-Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks (Dr. Tas Walker) 38 min.
-Geology & Cave Formation: A Post-Flood Story (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 71 min.
-Geologic EVIDENCES for very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon-(Dr. Seven Austin) 57 min' 
-The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 1 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 53 min.
-The Origin of Old-Earth Geology & Christian Compromise in the Early 19th Century, Part 2 (Dr. Terry Mortenson) 70 min.
-NOAH'S FLOOD: Evidence in Australia (Dr. Tas Walker) 62 min.
-RADIOACTIVE Decay Update: Breaking Down the Old-Age Paradigm (Dr. Keith Wanser) 52 m.
-ROCKS & AGES: Do They Hike Millions of Years? (Dr. Emil Silvestru) 65 min.
-Rocks of Ages of Rock of CREATION? (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min.
-WILD, WILD WEATHER: The Genesis Flood & the Ice Age (Dr. Larry Vardiman) 60 min.

1. Where did GOD come from? Defending Creation in a Scientific Age (50 min.)
2. The SIX days of Creation. A Young Earth is NOT the Issue! (50 min.)
3. The BIBLE explains dinosaurs. The Real History of Dinosaurs (50 min.)
4. Only ONE race. The Scientific and Biblical Case Against Racism (50 min.) 
5. WHY won't they listen? The Power of Creation Evangelism (50 min.)