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Whitewater kayaking is potentially dangerous.
Play safe and have fun.



Whitewater Kayaking in Southwest British Columbia

Whitewater paddling is a fun and exciting activity. Southwest British Columbia has some of the best whitewater in the world. There is a reason why this is called the WET COAST! The rain clouds drop plenty of water and mountain ranges provide the gradient. The combination of both makes for world class whitewater. Come and enjoy it!

There is something for everyone: from exhilarating steep drops to calm floats through groves of old moss-covered trees, from coastal rainforest canyons to open ponderosa pine landscape of the interior, from mountain creeks to ocean waves. Some of these waters are rarely traveled by humans and lead through habitat of bears, eagle and salmon. Others are rich with ancient history of people.

For the hard core kayaker, paddling is to be had year round. Rivers on the coast don’t freeze over. For the multi-talented there are all kinds of other outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and surfing to name just a few.

This website will provide updates for the guidebook “Whitewater in Southwest BC”. You will also find lots of useful links to other websites and information on how to purchase the book.

So pack up your paddling gear and get out exploring beautiful British Columbia.
(Oh yeah, don't forget to check out the book!)

“Whitewater in Southwest BC” covers 79 river runs and play spots. You will find detailed directions, descriptions and maps. Included are also suggestions for non-paddling activities for each area, ideas for road trips and lots of other useful information for anybody kayaking in British Columbia.
Where and how to buy “Whitewater in Southwest BC”. Stores and online sales.
Updates and corrections for the guidebook. Included is information for access and major changes in the described runs. For current river conditions and log reports check paddler message boards or contact local paddlers.
Useful links for paddling in BC, including water levels, road conditions, parks, contacts for clubs and much more.
Contact information for you feedback, questions and suggestions.

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