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About the Author - Claudia Schwab

Originally from Germany, I have made Vancouver and British Columbia my home since 1993. As you can tell from the number of German tourists visiting Canada, we are attracted to wild and untouched places. Unfortunately not much of it is left in Germany. But in BC nature starts right at the doorsteps of many cities.

More than 10 years ago I started paddling whitewater here in the Lower Mainland and soon began exploring new rivers from the Southwest Desert Canyons to the Canadian Arctic. I enjoy surfing the waves of the Clearwater or Skookumchuck and am thrilled by the excitement of the rapids in Chilliwack Canyon or the big water of the Thompson. But what I love most about kayaking is to explore new rivers and landscapes on multi-day trips. Rivers are secret trails into the wilderness. They allow us to access hidden places rarely visited by other people.

I also enjoy many of the other outdoor pursuits the Northwest has to offer, such as backcountry skiing, ocean kayaking, hiking, scrambling and climbing.

In my indoor life, I hold a PhD in neurobiology and am currently working at the University of BC trying to solve the riddles of various brain disorders.

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