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Whitewater kayaking is potentially dangerous.
Play safe and have fun.


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Seymour River - Canyon (page 23): Big landslide in the canyon has blocked the entire river. Check with local paddlers for updates. December 2014

Ashlu Creek Play Run (page 78): Access road to play run (and Tatlow Creek, not in the guidebook) has been de-activated near the IPP dam. October 2012

Nicola River (page 61): The Environment Canada ‘Nicola near Merritt’ gauge referred to in the book has gone off line. Approximate correlation from historical data for ‘Nicola near Spences Bridge’ with ‘Nicola near Merritt’: 45 -> 20 m3/s, 90 -> 40 m3/s, 120 -> 60 m3/s, 150 -> 80 m3/s. May 2012

Chehalis River (page 40-41): A new clear-cut changed the start of the trail to the Chehalis put-in (it’s actually shorter now). Turn right onto new logging road (N49 20.877 W122 00.332) 1.7 km after bridge across Statlu (N49 20.824 W122 01.483) and approx 400 meters after the “Chehalis 16 km” sign. Continue for approx 300 meters on the spur road to where it gently turns left. The trail is at the apex of this turn and not extremely obvious, but recognizable when you clamber down across the old log about 10 meters from the logging road (same trail/log as before). 2011

The gauge at the bridge has faded away. Use staff gauge upstream of take-out on river right. 2014

Lillooet River (page 98-100): A huge landslide came down Capricorn Creek (a tributary to Meager Creek) in August 2010 (second biggest slide in BC's history), flooding much of the Meager Creek/Lillooet River confluence area. As of March 2011, the road past this slide is still closed and the Lillooet River is still running muddy. 2012: Lillooet Main is open and access to the runs in the guidebook is possible. Paddling the lower section is probably not advisable due to debris from the slide.

Lynn Creek (page 2): Many big log jams in Lynn Creek since January 2009. It will take a lot of water to clear out the mess. As of winter 2010, Lynn Creek is navigable again, but make sure to always check for new wood.

Norrish Creek (page 37): Floods blew out many side creeks in fall 06 and may have changed this run considerably. The road to the reported put-in is totally over grown and only passable with an ATV (possibly only partially). This road is hard to spot but it’s about 3 km after the bridge across Norrish at the power facility (the take-out). There is a bridge over a small side creek and shortly after this a side spur to the left. The entrance is completely covered by vegetation, but a few meters further on an ATV track cuts through to the spur. Looks like it’s about 1.5 km down this spur to the river. If you continue on the main road for a total of 9 and 10 km you will get to two other bridges over rather steep and bouldery sections of creeks – this is not the put-in.

Chehalis River (page 40): Bridge across Statlu is repaired and access is possible to the Statlu put-in and Chehalis put-in. For updates check the Chilliwack Forest District Site for new road closures.

In early December 2007 a huge landslide went down into Chehalis Lake, generating waves up to 15 meters (50 ft) high. Landslide and wave have deposited lots of trees and other debris into the lake. Problems with wood and logjams should be expected on the Chehalis River for the coming years. Pictures and more info can be found on the BC Ministry of Forests website.

Sumallo River (page 49): Put-in somewhere around the 4 km sign post. Don’t look for braided channels of flat water.

Nicola River (page 61): The campsite below Red Canyon which is also put-in for the lower and take-out for the upper run is 12.7 km from the first bridge across the Nicola near Spences Bridge.

Spius Creek (page 63): "Take-out: From Merritt take Hwy 97C and Hwy 8 WEST (and not east) towards Spences Bridge for about 17 km." For a better route to the put-in take Coldwater Rd directly from Merritt to Pachet Rd (Coquihalla Hwy 5 is a bit of a detour).

Upper Mamquam (page 72): Take-out for the extended run (also referred to as Middle Mamquam) is on Mamquam FSR approximately 11 km from highway, between the 7.5 and 8 Mile sign posts at a gated road on the left. On the river, take out at the warning signs on the left and walk up the short road.

Elaho and Squamish Rivers (page 82): 6th line from bottom: “Turn right and drive over a bridge across the Squamish River.” This should be: “Turn left and drive over a bridge across the Squamish River.” The map clarifies the situation.

Green River (page 93): Arrow for river flow is pointing the wrong way. It should be pointing to the Northeast (from put-in to take-out).

Chilko River (page 127): 2nd line under Directions: “From Williams Lake drive east on Hwy 20 to Alexis Creek.” This should be: “drive west”. See map on page 114 at start of chapter.

Typos and Other Corrections

Page 2: Photo by Geoff Holroyd is on page 151 (and not page 152 – there is no picture).

Page 11: Under “Protection and Preservation” – 3rd paragraph: Should be Whitewater Kayaking Association of British Columbia.

Page 40: 16. Chehalis. Class: III(VI-) (IV- at higher levels). Should be III(IV-).
(Same problem on page 116 and 118 – should have used Arabic numerals).

Page 96: Photographer of picture is Paddy Lee.


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