Here are a few pics of what gets me around town, it's my 2007 Honda Civic Si 6 speed coupe. Exterior color is officially called NightHawk Black Pearl, it's got a very subtle blue tinge in direct sunlight. This car is so much fun to drive, though a wee bit rough due to it's sport suspension, but wow can it hug the curves! The 8300 RPM red line lets the engine sing like you wouldn't believe.


First let's see some pix of it all shined up. The 'Si' emblems are usually red, but I changed mine to black, so far one of a kind out here. I like how it blends in better and doesn't yell "Si" to the world. I've also removed a bunch of the amber inserts from inside the headlight housing, but I left the reflector portion to keep it street legal.

Here's some close up shots of the front and rear black Si logos respectively.


My best friend Eric has a 2006 Si, his set my heart on getting one. Here they are together.

Let's hear some noise! I got a good deal on these $40 MTX subs, even the salesman was jealous. The Sony amp is killer bang for the buck, 600 watts, super light, minimal heat, and less than $200 on sale. I didn't go wrong at all, not even close. Most people don't realize how well a free air set up works, sounds great. I built this entire assembly, just a piece of 3/4" MDF cut to fit the opening behind the seats, then I painted and clear coated it, and finished it with a chrome lip on the top. I've got tons of trunk space and boom boom boom.

In car pix.

Now this is my best In Car Entertainment (I.C.E) addition. 120GB of tunes, movies, TV, music vids, pics, you name it. This bad boy plays DivX, XviD, MP3, etc and 120GB goes for over 7 days without sleep of video alone. It can also be used a an external hard drive via USB and can hook up to any home entertainment system, remote included :-) . And the wiring has since been done right so it's outta sight. Fully removable for versatility and security. I'm sounding like a commercial so I'll put a sock in it for now.



Here's a video of how I use it in the car and at home.

Time for some pictures of the courtesy lighting I installed. I couldn't believe the lack of interior lighting, until I found out that more additional lighting is an optional package offered by Honda ($$$). Nuts to that, I put my own in for about $50. Flexible & ribbon LED strips are so damn versatile!


Some of the above pix were also at night, but that lighting was more practical than anything. This is the kind of stuff that is all for looks, and to me this is when my Si looks it's best, not that the day look is all that bad. First off, here is the white license plate LED flex-strip from Oznium, that's where I get all of my lighting products. No really, it's white, cool white it's called, it's less blue than it appears here, kind of a 4300K HID look.

Also built some white LED superflux reverse lights, look nice too!



A video for comparison with a stock bulb:


Here's the interior floor. Blue LED flex strips under the dash and seats. I really like the blue lights against the black interior. Also, something I built myself was the dead pedal logo. I traced and carved out the Si emblem from the exterior on to my dead pedal, then lit it up blue to match the rest.

The LEDs in the cup holders need clear water bottles in place to reach their full potential, you'll see some in some pix further below.

These are the orange LEDs I installed in the vents. I had to do this one a few times until I got it right, worth it to me though. I'm really impressed with how the blue and orange lighting go together.

Notice the aforementioned water bottles in the cup holders now. Nice!

Here are a few pix from an awesome camera in an underground parkade, it really picks up the blue lights in the day.

And now you can see I replaced all of the stock ceiling lighting with more flex strips, simple solderless 2 wire connections, couldn't be easier!



Here's the exterior at night. I put some 5mm and superflux LEDs in my headlights and part of my tail lights and I must say they blow me away to say the least. Also, I've added Oznium Beefy LED strips for the underbody (UB) kit. Altogether these turn heads like crazy! They are tied into the interior glow, so they come on with that, but I also have an override switch so I can glow inside but not outside, should I so choose. And remember, the interior lights fade on and off AND also come on and go off when I disarm and arm the alarm which makes the effect even nicer. All of these pix are shot in Calgary from SAIT overlooking the downtown core. Nice background me thinks.

This pic made it as "Miss April" in the 2009 Oznium calendar, I was quite pleased!


I had a couple of small spare LED strips in the engine bay, nice little touch. I might put them back in once I've reduced the load on that circuit. They were almost never seen so I always forgot about them, but when I did pop the hood at night with the lights on it was great.

And here's a couple with yours truly in the scene (before the UB kit). I had to sneak in eventually.

That's all for now, who knows what I'll come up with next! You can email me here if you have any questions or comments :-)