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Brandweer, our kennel name, is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We are also Life Members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Dalmatian Club of Canada.

As a family venture (mother, father, daughter and son) we, with limited breeding strive for type, temperament and intelligence. Brandweer is active in conformation, obedience, lure courcing as well as unrelated breed activities such as agility and rally. We also do Ring Stewarding, both conformation and obedience along with assisting in field clerking at lure courcing trials.

In 1968 we aquired our first Dalmatian, and many years later our first Pharaoh Hound. In two's and threes we have enjoyed and loved the following dogs. (please click on the dogs for a brief Bio.)

Old age has now claimed these dogs but their memory lingers on.

The dogs we have now,
  • “MAGGIE” (Ch. Gwynmore Whispering Willow CGN TT) who was sent to us from the Gwynmore Kennel in Holland has now retired to the job of training the younger members of the Brandweer Kennels..
  • “KIYA” (CD Mirages Kiya at Brandweer Cdn / Am Ch FChX Cdn REx Am RA JC SC HIC CGN PCD). Our first non Dalmatian came via California from the Mirage Pharaoh Hounds. Kiya is quite a character and she keeps Sophie busy playing in the back yard. Kiya will carry on in lure coursing (her favourite sport) and has now achieved her Advanced Rally title. What next? Keep posted as Kiya even surprises us!!
  • “RENO” (Ch. Katobi's Last Chance FChX. Cdn/Am RN CGN JC HIC), was the second Pharaoh to come to the Brandweer Kennels and went to live in the country but now lives with Maggie in the city. She settled in very quickly with big city living, enjoys showing, coursing with Kiya, and now Sophie. Reno is a very active, hard working dog who amuses herself by chasing "Rainbows" and who loves to travel and share her bed with you. Reno eats anything - loves caesar salad and kids. She has an amazing easy going temperament and plays well with Alice.
  • “SOHPIE” (Am FCh Brandweer's XO Crown Jewel Am SC CGN Cdn FChX) came to Brandweer Kennels at 2½ months, packed with a great personality and excellent temperment (which she has to have to get along with our Kennel Manager, Alice, the 20+ years old African Grey Parrot). When Sophie came, and took over the household, she greeted the neighhbours, barked at Crows and Squirrels and in general is looking after her new residence. Sophie received her Canadian Field Championship before her second birthday, received her A.K.C.Field Championship, followed by her Senior Coursing Certificate in five trials and then went on to achieve "A.K.C.National Lure Coursing Championship Best of Breed"" by a large margin, on the 14th September 2014, just a few weeks short of her 3rd birthday. .

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Warren & Juanita Spragg
Lesley Schreuder

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