Brandweer Pharaoh Hounds
Brandweer Pharaoh Hounds
Brandweer Pharaoh Hounds

Juanita and Warren Spragg
Lesley Schreuder
Drew Schreuder

Brandweer, our kennel name, is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We are life Members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Dalmatian Club of Canada, and members of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America.

As a family venture, mother, father, daughter and son, and now our 3rd generation, our grand-son Drew son of Lesley. With limited breeding we strive for type, temperament and intelligence. Brandweer is active in conformation, obedience, lure courcing as well as unrelated breed activities such as agility and rally. We also do Ring Stewarding, both conformation and obedience along with assisting in field clerking at lure courcing trials.

In 1968 we aquired our first Dalmatian, and many years later our first Pharaoh Hound

DC Mirage's Kiya at Brandweer


Kiya came to Brandweer at 5 months of age and showed us the ways and wiles of a Pharaoh Hound. During her life Kiya showed us her sweet temperment, the loving and loyalty of the breed. Throughout her life time Kiya received accolades in not only her demeanor but also her willingness to please She also endeared us to the Pharaoh breed and we then added (Reno) Ch. Katobi's Last Chance FCh.X Cdn/Am RN CGN JC HIC. Unfortunatelyt age and its related problems, has taken them from us but knowing that they were loved and left us with great memories.

The dogs we have now,

Sophie (AM FCh Brandweers XO Crown Jewel AM SC CGN CDN FChX NS)

Sophie came to Brandweer Kennels at 2½ months, packed with a great personality and excellent temperment, which she has to have to get along with our Kennel Manager, Alice, the 20+ years old African Grey Parrot. When Sophie came, and took over the household, she greeted the neighhbours, barked at Crows and Squirrels and in general looking after her new residence. Sophie received her Canadian Field Championship before her second birthday, received her A.K.C.Field Championship, followed by her Senior Coursing Certificate in five trials and then went on to achieve "A.K.C.National Lure Coursing Championship Best of Breed " by a large margin, on the 14th September 2014, just a few weeks short of her 3rd birthday.

Tye (Nefer-Temu Bela Tegeuse at Brandweer)

Tye "The Little One" arrived at Brandweer at 8 weeks old armed with brains and a good attitude. Tye took immediately to her new surroundings and our hearts and when she goes out for walks etc. she looks forward to another adventure. At Grannies house she tries to play with Alice, tears around the yard and says hello to the neighbourhood.

Bree (Nefer-Temu Anubis' Kara For-El at Brandweer)

Bree "The second Little One" arrived at Brandweer at 8 weeks and stayed with Granny until her final shots. She now resides with Lesley and Tye. The two dogs complement each other and enjoy country life and going to work with her human partner. Both dogs will join the 1/2 pint club (Canine Blood Donor) when they become of age and will also do conformation and Field Trial duties. Bree entered her first show as a Baby Puppy, did quite well and earned the name ":Flying Pharaoh". The adult dog Sophie is residing with Gran and both are enjoying retirement.

Alice (Brandweer's Kennel Manager)

Alice is now over 26 years old and we have included her with the dogs as she was and still is an important part of their lives. A free wing-clipped bird who enjoys the freedom of the house is the undisputed Ruler of the Roost and commands respect from all the dogs, even the Rottweiler who comes to visit.
Among her duties as Ruler, she checks out the food dishes and drinks from their water bowl. Alice calls the dogs by name and invites them to share her Taco Chips at snack time - but not her Coca Cola! A spoiled tacky bird, Alice loves to play with the dogs, in particular, hide and seek.

For more information, please e-mail us at:
Warren & Juanita Spragg
Lesley Schreuder
Drew Schreuder

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