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Drew Schreuder

Brandweer, the kennel name, is permanently registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

As a family venture mother, father, daughter and son and now the 3rd generation (grandson) we, with limited breeding strive for type, temperament and intelligence. Brandweer is active in conformation, obedience, lure courcing as well as unrelated breed activities such as agility and rally. We also do Ring Stewarding, both conformation and obedience along with assisting in field clerking at lure courcing trials.

I live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan with my wife Chantel, my dog Mr. Bently and his house mates Zoey and Mayo along with other additions to our menagerie. Mr. Bently, a rescue Toy Fox Terrier took to agility with a passion and is branching out into other adventures such as nose work, which he enjoys. Please read our Bio page for pictures and the escapades of Mr. Bently and I.

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Warren & Juanita Spragg
Lesley Schreuder
Drew Schreuder

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