Product Key Email (Badkey)



Emails asking for Product Keys and other personal information have been received by some people.

These are worse than a hoax, they are dangerous depending on the information you give.

These are NOT from Microsoft or a representative of Microsoft.

Personal information is NEVER needed or requested, particularly by
Email, for activation etc.
Registration asks for personal information, giving the information is
VOLUNTARY and not providing the information will NOT effect your use
of Windows.

There is usually a button to press to be directed to a Microsoft secure server.  You will not go to a Microsoft server, you will go to a location where an unscrupulous person will collect your data to use or sell at your expense.

See these two links for related information:
Deceptive Web pages
Computer Safety and Security

Below is one version of this Email, misspellings included.
The hyperlinks have been removed, the hyperlinks change when discovered and/or every few days anyways:

Dear Registered Microsoft User,

Due to validation issues with your Product Key for your Windows OS Platform, we need you to validate your information so we can insure nobody else is using your product key. Each computer must have a unique Product Key, this problem usually happins if you install Windows twice on the same machine and use the same product key.
We need you to verify your information so we can send you a New Product Key VIA USPS. This also includes a information packet including ways to secure your Windows Platform from malicious hackers. Your reply is needed so you can continue to receive updates from Microsoft and always be up to date with the newest Service Packs. Please follow the directions below to complete the process.

1. Click Here to be redirected to Microsoft Secure Server
2. Fill all the required fields and press "Continue".
3. Insure your information is correct, and then fill in the required fields and press "Submit'.
4. Please print the final page to keep reference to.
5. Your done! Please except the package in 4 to 6 weeks.

Please do not reply to this e-mail confirmation. It was sent to you through an automated system that is not monitored. If you have additional questions, you can call Microsoft Customer Service Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. (Eastern Time), at (888) 218-5617 (toll-free in the United States).
Microsoft highly recommends that users with Internet access update their Microsoft software to protect against viruses and security vulnerabilities. The easiest way to do this is to visit the following website:

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