I have been hacked



If you have been hacked, you most likely have an unprotected computer allowing someone else more control than you have.
If this is the case it is no longer your computer.

First try to determine if you have actually been hacked.
there are many things that may make it appear you have been hacked when in fact you have not.
If you routinely follow Safety and Security, your chances of being hacked are slim.
If on the other hand, you miss all or part of Safety and Security, your chances have significantly increased depending on which part and for how long.
Note: It only takes seconds to lose control.

1.  Best Fix:
Since there is no reliable way to know to what extent hacker has corrupted system, and impossible to know if all his doors are closed, a Clean Installation is the best way to ensure your computer is yours again.
This procedure will destroy ALL data so back-up all important data immediately.
Check your manual or contact the manufacturer for proper procedure.

2.  2nd best fix to regain possession of your computer:
A.  Safety and Security
Follow ALL steps carefully and completely.

B.  Run an updated virus scan.
Or Scan for Viruses online.
Sometimes it is a good idea to run more than one to ensure nothing is missed:
Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
Panda ActiveScan
Trend Micro House Call
Symantec Security Check

C.  Download CWShredder.
Be sure to update to the latest version.

D.  Check this link:
Do you have parasites?

E.  Run Ad-Aware (free version)
Update if you already have it.
Spybot (free version)
Update if you already have it.
You may want to use both of these tools to be sure all spyware is gone.

Make sure ALL above tools are updated within the last few days.  Do NOT assume recently downloaded/installed tools are up to date. 

If you still have issues and feel spyware may be involved, go to:
Download HijackThis and install it.
If you do not fully understand what HijackThis suggests to delete, post the log to the forum referenced on
An expert can analyze the log and give you specific recommendations to clean your system.

This will not guarantee possession of your computer.
If you want that assurance, you need to perform a Clean Installation as mentioned above IN "Best Fix".


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