Invalid Product Key


78f Error
824145 causes Scrolling Proplems
%1 from %2
0x800c0005 & 0x800c0008
0x80092026 or 0x800b0004
Access Denied Installing SP-2
Administrator Only
Active X needs to  be enabled
Cryptographic Services
Delete Update Uninstall files
Driver Updates
Force SP-2
Hang at 0%
Microsoft Update
Need Update again
Not a Valid Win 32
OE Removed access
Pay for patch?
Product Key Invalid
Quick to 100%
Service Pack Installation
Do not install SP-2
Update Loop
Windows XP Service Pack 2
You must be running


Does it fit this:
Error Message: The Product Key Used to Install Windows Is Invalid
"The Product Key used to install Windows is invalid" error message when you try to install a Windows update in Windows Server 2003
If it does, you most likely have a pirated Windows.
If it is pirated, you need to contact the seller and/or Microsoft.
For confirmation follow the instructions on the How to tell site:
How to Tell
If you suspect your version is not legitimate, contact Microsoft:
Reporting Microsoft Piracy

Service Packs may detect pirated copies of Windows.
Also you have 3 options to become legal:
1. Go back to the previous OS:
How to Uninstall Windows XP and Revert to a Previous Operating System
How to Manually Remove Windows XP and Restore Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium
This may or may not work depending on the installation options used.
2. Perform a Clean Install with the OS of your choice destroying ALL data.
3. Purchase Windows XP Pro (Home will not work) and perform a Repair
Installation using the new valid key and CD:
How Do I Do a "Repair Installation"? (Windows XP)
Purchase Windows Server 2003 the same version or above

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows Server 2003

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