Lost Forgotten Expired Password



1.  If there is a previous owner or user that may have the password ask.  This is by far the best as some of the options below may have other consequenses.

2.  If the password used to work and no longer does, try another keyboard. 

3.  Try leaving the password blank.

4.  The password is Case Sensitive.
Check Caps Lock and try various of Capital combinations.

5.  How to Log On to Windows XP If You Forget Your Password or Your Password Expires
If you do not have a Password Recovery Disk, it is too late to make it.

6.  Log in to any account that has Administrator access.
Then go to User Accounts in Control Panel.
Select the user and change the password.

7.  Windows XP Pro:
At the log-in screen, press Ctrl/Alt/Del twice quickly
Type "Administrator" and leave password blank.

Windows XP Home:
Reboot, tapping F8 each second.
Select Safe Mode at the menu.
Select Administrator, leave password blank.

Then go to User Accounts in Control Panel.
Select the user and change the password.
If you are using Windows XP Pro and have encrypted data, you may permanently lose access to the encrypted data.

8.  Or remove the hard drive and insert the hard drive in another computer.  From there you can read the data.  It may be necessary to Take Ownership to regain access to the data.

9.  Another option is to install Windows XP on another partition and take Ownership of your data.
You could also perform another installation on the same partition, although this is not a permanent fix and it is recommended to perform a Clean Installation after retrieving your data.

10.  Here is another option:
Winternals Software

11.  Take the computer to a trusted computer technician.  A good technician should be able to return access in less than an hour.  

12.  As a last resort you can perform a Clean Installation of Windows.

After this is resolved, take precautions to not lose the password.


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