Microsoft Update


78f Error
824145 causes Scrolling Proplems
%1 from %2
0x800c0005 & 0x800c0008
0x80092026 or 0x800b0004
Access Denied Installing SP-2
Administrator Only
Active X needs to  be enabled
Cryptographic Services
Delete Update Uninstall files
Driver Updates
Force SP-2
Hang at 0%
Microsoft Update
Need Update again
Not a Valid Win 32
OE Removed access
Pay for patch?
Product Key Invalid
Quick to 100%
Service Pack Installation
Do not install SP-2
Update Loop
Windows XP Service Pack 2
You must be running


Consider switching to the new Microsoft Update, it is quick and easy.

To switch to Microsoft Update now, skip the rest of this page and follow this link:

Microsoft Update, includes everything in Windows Update and more.

Microsoft Update is the next step in the process of keeping your computer safe, secure and up to date.
Windows Update takes care of operating systems, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 etc.
Microsoft Update takes care of operating systems but it also catches Office, Exchange and SQL.
As time goes on, other Microsoft technologies will be added helping to make Microsoft Update a one stop experience.
There are currently no plans for 3rd party products, but that possibility has not been ruled out.

Converting to Microsoft Update is easy:
“I am currently using Windows Update. How can I access Microsoft Update?”:
How to enable and to disable Microsoft Update

Once you are using Microsoft Update, there is no need for Windows Update, or visits to the Office Update site as well as other technology sites covered by Microsoft Update.

You may also notice you have two links under All Programs, “Windows Update” and “Microsoft Update”.
Both are directed to Microsoft Update so I right click on “Windows Update” and delete the link.  It is not a problem if either one or both are kept or deleted.

If you ever decide you want to go back to Windows Update that is also easy.
”I am currently using Microsoft Update. How can I access Windows Update?”:
How to enable and to disable Microsoft Update

Windows Update is included with the operating system but you must opt in to use Microsoft Update.
You will have the same options with Microsoft Update as you have with Windows Update, just you have the options of updating more products. Give Microsoft Update a try, you will probably like it at least as much as Windows Update.

Microsoft Update Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Microsoft Update Team Blog

Help keep your computer's defenses current with Microsoft Update

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